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eJuice Direct Press Release 9/12/2019

We are very disappointed with the Trump Administration’s statements regarding the potential future of the vaping industry, including the production and consumption of flavored e-liquids, e-cigarette devices, and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS). First and foremost, we would like to reassure our customers that the products we sell are safe and are not responsible for any of the […]

Bringing A Fruit Basket For The Labor Day Cookout!

The picnic table is a staple of any proper Labor Day gathering. Be it a grill-out or proper barbecue with the hog smoking all day, your gathering just doesn’t seem complete without the risk of sunburn on skin not properly covered for the long day in the sun or the near-endless selection of fruits to […]

7/11 Slushy Day BOGO: The King of Slushy Flavors?

From ancient times to the modern-day, many countries have enjoyed centuries of peace and prosperity under the rule of benevolent monarchies. Today in the United States, while we don’t have a ruling monarch, we have Kings and Queens galore. From the Burger King to the Dairy Queen and beyond, it seems that every industry has […]

7/11 Slushy Day BOGO Survival Guide

Did you know that people slurp up almost twelve Olympic-size swimming pools of delicious frozen slushy drinks annually worldwide? That’s approximately 7.3 MILLION gallons consumed every year! In fact, slushy drinks are so popular, and such a great way to beat the summer heat, that July 11 has been officially declared National Free Slurpee Day […]

Fourth of July Sale: Lets Talk About Batteries

A vape mod is only as good or as useful as the quality of the batteries powering the device. Without a reliable power source, you could find yourself stuck again and again without the vaping device that you need, and unfortunately, delicious e-Liquids and premium coils won’t help with this issue. Thankfully, eJuice Direct has […]

Fourth of July Sale: Red, White & Blue Nic Salts!

We’re getting in the Fourth of July spirit with a sale that celebrates your freedom to choose from hundreds of premium red, white, and blue themed e-Liquids, vape hardware, and more. Like firework sparks, these deals are electric and won’t last much longer, so if you haven’t yet, explore eJuice Direct’s vast online warehouse of […]

Fourth of July Sale: White Flavors

Forget a White Christmas- this summer, we’re celebrating the stars and stripes with an unforgettable Fourth of July Sale. We’ve gone deep into our eJuice Direct warehouse to find you some of the best red, white, and blue themed e-Liquids and nic salts in honor of the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations. Today, we’re taking […]