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Kilo give Moo eLiquids a fresh new look!

Moo eliquid kilo moo series

Moo eLiquids is still going strong; from their humble beginnings in 2015, Kilo eLiquids reminds you that Moo eLiquids hasn’t gone anywhere. That’s right, the same Moo flavors you’ve come to know and love has returned with Kilo’s staple packaging that accentuates their focus on artisan crafted premium eJuice.

Moo eliquid kilo moo series

Moo eLiquid’s original packaging...

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Tip of the Day! Snip the Tip!


chubby gorilla unicron cut the tip

This is a must for anyone using a Chubby Gorilla 100ml or 120ml! The opening on the tip is too small to allow juice to flow out quickly. Squeeze hard enough and the cap will pop off and spill all your liquid. #snipthetip

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Pack of the Week Pleasantly Pebbled


Pack of the week

Hit the brakes and stop on by to check out this week’s breakfast-themed bundle; this week’s theme is ‘Pleasantly Pebbled’! As always, we’re offering up a 300ml ensemble of flavors sure to satisfy your sweet-tooth with this week’s quartet.


Pancake Man Deluxe – Vape Pancakes

Presented with a fluffy, light, and buttery foundation; Pancake Man stacks it up by topping up this eJuice with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream paired with a marshmallow infused fruit cereal. The first noticeable trait about Pancake Man...

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CSTRD. keeps it 100%

Cstrd. Premium eJuice

Custard’s are all the rage these days with almost every major brand bringing out a new flavor or line. What sets this dark horse apart from the rest of the pack? CSTRD. keeps it short, simple, and sweet. When you first see the bottle it quickly becomes clear that the makers were going for an elegant design. The gold foil letters pop against the flat off-white background contrasting with the rich, steeped color of the eJuice. It screams premium.


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SMOK 2/4 ups the ante again!

Smok gx 2/4 250w kit ejuice direct

The three battery setup was established and popularized by Wismec when they presented the Reuleaux RX200 box mod; though the reception was positive overall, a common complaint was the bulkiness of the device. Rather than downsizing the RX200, Wismec introduced the RX2/3; a new concept that allowed users to quickly switch between the portability of a two-battery mod to the longevity of a three-battery...

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