Got Coil Envy? eJuice Direct got you covered!
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Got Coil Envy? eJuice Direct got you covered!

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clapton coilclapton coil

We've all been there. Wasting miles of Kanthal just to get sad looking coils like this :(

WELL SHAME NO MORE! Now you can be the envy of all your friends with these ROCKSTARS!


We heard you softly weeping in the corner of your favorite Vape Shop and that's why we bring you the Pre-made Clapton Coil by Tradition Vapes. 

The sickest Clapton Coils on the market!

So wipe those tears away, grab you favorite RDA and go be the envy of your local vape shop.

*Amount of dates resulting from the Clapton Coil will vary




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