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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Beetle Juice Vapors 100mls!

Beetle Juice Vapors - Premium Vape Juice Ejuice Direct

A little bit of this and a little bit of that! From sweet and tart flavors like green apples and peach rings to savory desserts like freshly baked tarts, Beetle Juice Vapors covers almost all the bases with their 4 flavors: Blueberry Hills, Riddler, Rio and Southern Orchard! At only $17.99 for 100mls and $54.99 for the 4-Pack!

Blueberry Hills by Beetle Juice Vapors is a sweet and simple, Blueberry Toaster Tart! A simple vape of this flavor and you'll think it just came out of the toaster oven! The blueberry flavor hits you immediately on the inhale, while adding a toasted doughy texture and slight graham cracker on the exhale!

Pretty much a berry fruit cup, Riddler is a blend of green apples, pear and mixed berries! The green apple paired with pear really works well and translates to an ice cold fruit cup. Adding the mixed berries in the concoction brings a very much needed savory aspect to the juice! The inhale is a strong pear with green apple tartness, with the exhale of mixed berries helps tie it all together!

Rio by Beetle Juice Vapors is a strawberry, watermelon and pineapple hard candy! Remember when you were a kid and you used to toss multiple pieces of candy in your mouth to combine the flavors and make it taste amazing? Beetle Juice Vapors basically did that with this flavor. Just like a Jolly Rancher, Rio has a strong strawberry watermelon sweetness on the inhale and the pineapple on the exhale keeps it sweet throughout the whole vape!

The convenience store on the corner may not be selling peach rings anymore, but Beetle Juice Vapors has Southern Orchard to satisfy your cravings. Southern Orchard is peach gummi rings! The inhale is a savory and sweet peach, with the exhale of gummi candy goodness!

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