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CSTRD. keeps it 100%

Cstrd. Premium eJuice

Custard’s are all the rage these days with almost every major brand bringing out a new flavor or line. What sets this dark horse apart from the rest of the pack? CSTRD. keeps it short, simple, and sweet. When you first see the bottle it quickly becomes clear that the makers were going for an elegant design. The gold foil letters pop against the flat off-white background contrasting with the rich, steeped color of the eJuice. It screams premium.

Cstrd. Premium eJuice

With such a classic design it made me excited to rewick my atty and drip some of this golden liquid.  The initial inhale rolls with a light creamy flavor in the foreground with a sweet, sugary vanilla exhale similar to the subtly of a real vanilla custard.  I found the vanilla managed to accompany the custard fairly well. Never once overpowering the integrity of the custard one bit; it instead supports the custard with a pastry-chef finesse that portrays the experience of enjoying the real deal.  


Cstrd. Premium eJuice

What really makes CSTRD. shine is the accuracy of how pronounced the taste of the custard itself is. Most brands will mix other flavors in to make their creation stand out but CSTRD. keeps it 100%.  I definitely recommend trying this flavor at varying temperatures; lower temperatures mimics that thinner consistency with an almost whipped cream taste and feel - while higher temperatures lean more towards the idea of a fresh-baked vanilla wafer. I like to compare the refinement in the taste to how a pastry chef adds a perfect balance of eggs, milk, cream, and sugar; CSTRD. uses a recipe that creates a lifting, mellow, delicate flavor that remains soothing with every last draw – it’s a satisfying all day vape that just about anybody can enjoy.

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