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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Pack of the Week Pleasantly Pebbled


Pack of the week

Hit the brakes and stop on by to check out this week’s breakfast-themed bundle; this week’s theme is ‘Pleasantly Pebbled’! As always, we’re offering up a 300ml ensemble of flavors sure to satisfy your sweet-tooth with this week’s quartet.


Pancake Man Deluxe – Vape Pancakes

Presented with a fluffy, light, and buttery foundation; Pancake Man stacks it up by topping up this eJuice with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream paired with a marshmallow infused fruit cereal. The first noticeable trait about Pancake Man Deluxe is the way the pancake-taste is brought with a “still warm off the stove” warmth. A maple blanket coats the stack while the exhale shines through with a cooling vanilla ice-cream dotted with marshmallows garnished with a frost fruity cereal crunch.


DripTribe eLiquid – Pebz

Pebz pours another bowl of fruity bite-sized rice crisps with this take on a nostalgic breakfast cereal. I found Pebz satisfying in the same fashion I find a bowl of its edible counterpart satisfying; a simplistic and pleasing quick vape/snack. The splash of milk released on the exhale is reminiscent to the one pictured on the tin; creamy and refreshing. The inhale introduces a pronounced taste of the fruity rice cereal is pronounced during the initial draw.


Holi Cannoli: Pebbled

120ml? Holy cannoli! Pebbled Cannoli, by Holi Cannoli, rolls up a creamy crepe vape for this Pack of the Week! I discovered that the layering of this dessert blend is akin to eating the real deal; the inhale brings the light, delicate feeling of a thin crepe that begins to unveil the sweet sugary fruit cereal infused cream filling rolled inside.


Donuts EJuice - PBLS Donut

This eJuice creates a pure pastry treat that tastes like a fresh out the oven glazed donut sprinkled with the crunch of a fruity cereal crisp! I think the sugary glaze accompanies the frosted fruity topping graciously throughout the whole hit; the exhale gives the flavor a subtle wash of milk to balance the sweetness of the eJuice throughout.


If you’re fond of colorful, crispy bits of fruit-flavored pebbles, do yourself a favor by exploring this week’s pack ‘Pleasantly Pebbles’ - a soothing and mellow collection of eJuice!

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