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Taste of the Tropics - Mango Pineapple

New eJuice To The Max

To The Max Premium eJuice

To The Max has prided itself on taking its flavors to the next level. Apple Juice has been a smash hit with its clean crisp flavor, and killer price points on 120ml bottles. Not to mention they brought it out in both regular and menthol versions. I personally was a fan of the Menthol Apple Juice as the crisp tart apple paired really well with the smooth menthol backing. 

To The Max Mango Pineapple

Mango Pineapple is their newest release with another straight up solid flavor pairing. We have all tried mango flavors and usually, they are matched with cream or another exotic tropical fruit. This juice is literally mango and pineapple, I keep saying this but with a flavor this simple and straight forward there is not really any other way around it. The inhale offers a bold juicy mango with the pineapple slowly creeping in on the exhale. Neither flavor overpowers the other and makes for a juice that is not too sweet nor too tangy. Like I said earlier its just right!

To The Max Mango Pineapple

This flavor is a must try for any mango fan or pineapple fan. At $24.99 for 120mls, this juice can easily replace the costly 60ml alternatives. 

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