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Unicorn Cakes - Vape Magic

New eJuice Unicorn Cakes

Unicorn Cake Premium eJuice

Unicorns eating pancakes. Do I have your attention yet? Because Unicorn Cakes by Vape Breakfast Classics surely has mine. The package itself reeled me in at first glance. An exotic world with overflowing rivers of strawberry milk, giant purple mountains, and blueberry pancakes as far as the eye can see. The unicorns enjoying a 5-star breakfast is the cherry on top. Will the juice taste as good as the package looks? Let’s find out.

Unicorn Cake Premium eJuice

Having just recently tried the delicious Pancake Man Deluxe, I was unsure another pancake eJuice could compete. Upon first inhale my taste buds began begging me for more. The level of blueberries and strawberry milk is excellent. Merged with the already beloved pancake flavor, Unicorn Cakes is a new treasure intended to blow your mind. An all day vape worthy selection with immense flavor balanced to perfection.

Unicorn Cake Premium eJuice

Unicorn Cakes is my definite favorite of the Vape Breakfast Classics bunch. Blueberry pancakes drenched in strawberry milk makes for a truly delightful experience. Pancake Man and Pancake Man Deluxe previously set the bar high for flavor. Personally, I feel that Unicorn Cakes lifts that bar to infinity and beyond. Vape Breakfast Classics keeps reaching new pinnacles with their remarkable flavor creations.

Get a bottle of this magical blend for only $19.99

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