eJuice Direct Blog - Whole ‘Lotta Mallow; It’s Marshmallow Man!
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Whole ‘Lotta Mallow; It’s Marshmallow Man!

Whether you prefer them plain, or toasted - Marshmallow Man has you covered! This sweet and gooey lineup of eJuice offers the likes of the self-titled ‘Marshmallow Man’  and the aptly titled ‘Marshmallow Man 2’! This dynamic duo of marshmallow inspired blends of eLiquid come in 60ml or 120ml sizes; Marshmallow Man provides an 80/20 VG/PG Ratio while its successor ramps things up with a MAX VG ratio.
Let’s start with the man who started it all. Marshmallow Man is a simplistic blend of eJuice that offers the fluffy and plump taste of chewy marshmallows with each and every hit! The inhale begins with a soft delivery of the marshmallow notes that are as rich with sugary goodness like the real thing. The exhale stays true to the flavor brought in by the inhale, but becomes a touch sweeter towards the end of the finish.
But wait - there’s more! Marshmallow Man 2 comes out swinging with its own take on the flavor of its predecessor. As the sequel to Marshmallow Man, this eLiquid is simply on fire with its toasted marshmallow taste. Keeping its roots in mind, Marshmallow Man 2 puts the same Marshmallow Man taste over a campfire to give you the perfect golden-brown marshmallow. The inhale begins with a marshmallow delivery supported by notes of campfire flavor. Much like its predecessor, the exhale sweetens the profile of the marshmallows towards the woody finish.
Still craving more ‘mallows? Let your taste buds melt with the entire Marshmallow Man lineup; gather round the campfire and try our Marshmallow Man Two-Pack today!

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