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Category Archives: Information

Brand of the Week: Juice Head – eJuice Direct

Juice Head e-Liquids Juice Head e-Liquids is a fantastic vape juice brand, with dozens of delicious fruit flavors for sub-ohm and low-wattage vapers alike. With flavor profiles so delicious they’ll make your head spin, this fan-favorite brand delivers high-quality flavor and performance in every bottle. You cannot pass up these delicious vape juice options! At [...]

CSTRD & BLZRD Sale 1/18/21 – eJuice Direct

Look out, there’s a blizzard of savings coming to eJuice Direct! This month, you can finally stock up on CSTRD and BLZRD e-Liquids while supplies last. Check out these delicious options and treat yourself to something tasty now through January 31st. CSTRD e-Liquids Original Vanilla: You cannot go wrong with a classic vanilla custard shake, [...]

Is Coffee Flavor e-Liquid Safe? – eJuice Direct

It may seem simple, but this is a common question we get here at eJuice Direct, and we appreciate the diligence of the vaping community when it comes to safety. When you select your e-Liquid from a reputable brand and purchase from an authorized retailer like eJuice Direct, you will not have to worry about [...]

What is the Best Ratio of VG/PG in e-Juice that I Can Buy? – eJuice Direct

When shopping for e-Liquids, finding the best ratio of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol can be a challenge. The different blends offer slightly different benefits in your vaping experience, and we are here on the Direct Blog today to delve into what makes these ratios so different and how to find the perfect blend. In [...]

How Much Do You Spend on Vape Juice Every Month? – eJuice Direct

How Much do you Spend on Vape Juice every Month? The amount of money you spend on e-Liquids and vaping hardware every month shouldn’t be a burden, and with eJuice Direct’s low prices and daily deals, vaping can be even less costly than you might think. Making adjustments to your vaping experience, such as changing [...]

Vaping Documentaries – eJuice Direct

Vaping documentaries are a hot-button topic in the mainstream news, and their impact on our industry is huge. These films focus on reporting the indisputable facts and the science behind vaping from a big-picture perspective. eJuice Direct is dedicated to sharing up-to-date and accurate information about vaping, so we have compiled a list of the [...]

Tip of the Month: Investing in Quality Hardware – eJuice Direct

Investing in Quality Hardware November’s Tip of the Month is a fantastic trick for new and experienced vape users. Investing in good quality vape hardware is the first step toward a successful vaping experience, and you can find a premier vape device at eJuice Direct for a budget-friendly price. Let’s dive into what makes a [...]

Are Vapes Allowed in Airports? – eJuice Direct

Are Vapes Allowed in Airports? As our time in quarantine begins to end and we start traveling more, it is important to review the updated regulations regarding vape devices in airports and on airplanes. As of September 2020, the Travel Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) both have issued detailed guidelines for [...]