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Category Archives: Steal of the Day

eJuice Direct Steals of the Day: Week of 11/9/20

This Week's Steal of the Day  This week’s Steals of the Day are some must-have brands for every vape user! Check out this upcoming week of daily deals at eJuice Direct, but don’t wait on these prices; each steal only lasts for 24 hours during its slotted day, so grab them before the deal disappears!  [...]

eJuice Direct Steals of the Day: Week of 11/2/20

steal of the day 11.2.20
This Week's Steal of the Day  This week, eJuice Direct’s Steals of the Day include some fan-favorite brands that our community of vapers adores! Check out these daily deals for some super savings all week long. These bargains only last for 24 hours on their slotted day, so be sure to check back for a [...]

Happy Halloween from eJuice Direct!

happy halloween from EJD
No Tricks, Just Treats!   Happy Halloween! eJuice Direct thanks you for celebrating this haunted holiday with us. Don’t forget to check out our Spooky Series blog where we give some devilishly delicious recommendations for Halloween-themed vape juice flavors. Coming this week, the eJuice Direct Halloween Sale includes some of your favorite brands at up to [...]

Coastal Clouds: New Look! 10/28/20 – eJuice Direct

New Look Coastal Clouds Direct Blog
Coastal Clouds: New Look!   Coastal Clouds just got a new look! This esteemed e-Liquid brand has redesigned its packaging with an all-new black and white look. These gorgeous vape juice bottles still sport the iconic Coastal Clouds logo, so you can still recognize them on vape shop shelves and here at eJuice Direct. Don’t worry, [...]

Spotlight Disposables: ORO Disposable Vape Pens

Spotlight Disposables ORO
Flavor Oro Performance? Why Not Both!     This week on the Direct Blog, we are putting the spotlight on some incredible disposable vape pens that the eJuice Direct vaping community cannot get enough of Oro Disposables! These convenient and affordable vape devices offer over 300 puffs of delicious flavor in 5% nicotine salt e-juice. Each [...]

eJuice Direct Steals of the Day: Week of 10/26/20

Steal of the Day Week 10.26.20
This Week's Steal of the Day  eJuice Direct’s exclusive Steals of the Day are your opportunity to stock up on your favorite e-Liquids or try a new flavor for an unbeatable price. These incredible brands are on sale for their slotted day only, so be sure to check back on eJuice Direct every day for [...]

Spotlight Disposables: Juice Head Cali Bar Disposable Vape Pens – eJuice Direct

spotlight disposables juice head cali vape bars eJuice Direct Blog
Welcome to Delicious Town, Population You!    When you are out and about in your daily adventures and you don’t want a bulky vape kit weighing you down, reach for a convenient and compact Cali Bar Disposable vape pen! From the mixologists at Juice Head e-Liquids, each of these handy disposable vape devices offers over [...]

How to Mix and Match at eJuice Direct

eJuice Direct mix and match to save Direct Blog
Mix and Match for Maximum Savings!  Did you know that eJuice Direct offers a Mix and Match deal where you can save money on your favorite e-Liquid brands? This customizable offer gives you the freedom to select your brand, choose your flavors, and pick two, three, or four bottles to unlock an exclusive bargain price.  [...]

Voices Carry: Direct From the Customer Week 1

Voices Carry Direct Blog series customer review eJuice Direct
Voices Carry: Week 1 Welcome to a new series on the Direct Blog, the Voices of eJuice Direct! Within our fanbase, there are some dedicated vape enthusiasts who show their love for the vaping community by leaving detailed reviews on products so you can shop with their endorsements in mind and find delicious e-Liquids easily. [...]

Can You Buy Vape Devices from Amazon? – eJuice Direct

Can You Buy Vape Devices from Amazon? The simple answer is yes, you can buy vape devices off of Amazon, but there are many reasons not to.  Amazon is not an authorized retailer of vape products, meaning that the site is not regulated and is unreliable; in other words, this means that they are not [...]

eJuice Direct Steal of the Day 9/30/2020 – CSTRD e-Liquids

Steal of the Day eJuice Direct CSTRD e-Liquids
CSTRD e-Liquids  Mellow out with some delightfully light e-juice flavors from CSTRD e-Liquids for a bargain price with this Steal of the Day! This eJuice Direct exclusive deal is your chance to try new vape juice flavors or stock up on favorites without breaking the bank. This deal won’t last long, so shop CSTRD e-Liquids [...]