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Category Archives: Us vs Them

Us vs. Them: Direct Juice vs. HMBL

Choosing the contenders for today’s vape juice flavor battle wasn’t easy. After this week’s earlier reviews covering some cheesecake and tropical fruit flavors, we contemplated moving on from sweets, but with so many options to choose from, we’re not done yet. Today, we’re taking a closer look at lemon cake e-Liquids, highlighting the best of […]

Us vs. Them: Direct Juice vs. Cravve

Next up in our Head-To-Head series, we’ll take a break from dessert, but still keep things on the sweeter side by exploring Direct Juice’s Tropical Blast and Cravve by Ruthless’ Red vape juice flavors. With summer around the corner, tropical fruit e-Liquid blends are again becoming dramatically popular. Choose your champion, get a head start […]

Us vs. Them: Direct Juice vs. Vape Crusaders

At eJuice Direct, we have pulled out all the stops with our next blog series, providing you with comprehensive head-to-head matchups comparing popular flavor profiles from different brands. By reviewing taste, price, overall performance, and any verified reviews, we’re creating an accessible outlet for product information, empowering our customers to make the right purchasing choices […]