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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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eJuice Direct Vape Hardware

Our name is eJuice Direct but we are your one-stop online vape shop. You may as well call us Vape Hardware Direct because we carry so much more than just eJuice. We are proud to offer the best vape devices with the best prices as well.

If you are looking for disposable vape pens, we have an extensive collection. Naturally, we carry the biggest and best names in nicotine salts and regular eJuices. But no matter how much tasty potential is locked up in your favorite bottled eJuice, it avails you nothing without the appropriate vape hardware.


Vape Hardware

Vape hardware is a general term and describes everything but the vape juice. Specifically, it covers vape devices and the batteries, vape tanks, vape coils and vape pods necessary to keep them up and running. eJuice Direct has always been about more than just e-juice. We are a website run by and for vapers.  If you are an experienced hobbyist looking for a new vape mod, vape tank, or other vaping accessories, our wide selection has everything you need.

If you are new to vaping, powerful vape mods may not be the logical starting point. While we carry cutting edge vape tanks and mods, we also have a great selection of vape pod kits. These include vape devices designed for novices and fans of mouth to lung vaping devices and Nic Salts. If you are looking to vape lower nicotine options, vape mods are available in kits complete with a vape tank and vape coils optimized for that specific vaping device. Lets look at some of the vape hardware that eJuice Direct offers.


Vape Pod Starter Kits

The easiest way to start vaping is a basic vape pod starter kit. Devices like the Smok Novo, UWell Caliburn, Vaporesso XRos and others are draw activated and rarely have more than a single button. There has been a trend away from integrated coils, i.e. a coil built into the pod that once worn out results in the whole thing being chucked, to swappable coils. Most vape pod starter kits have two coil resistance options. The lower resistance coil can handle freebase, high-VG e-liquids and lower strength salt nic juices. The higher resistance coil is optimized for MTL vaping and potent Nic Salts. Designed originally as an alternative to Juul, Vuse Alto and MyBlu, the vape pod starter kit is a perfect disposable vape alternative.

Replacement Pods

Vape pods are designed for a long life. They have great coil designs and operate at relatively low wattages. Most are good for at least half a bottle of eJuice, usually salt nicotine. Yet they do not last forever. Much like vape coils for the tank, the replacement pod is a crucial piece of vape hardware for anyone who wants to enjoy the full performance and satisfaction of their vape pod system.


Vape Mods

Vape mods are the apogee of vaping technology. They are often boxy in design and can deliver over 200 watts of power in some cases. While this potential cloud production is a feature, the most popular coils generally work best between 50 and 100 watts. Vape mods are loaded with safety features. Because the power levels generated have long since exceeded the needs of most mod users, manufacturers like Geek Vape and Smok have focused on making their mods user friendly and durable enough to withstand drops and immersion in water in some cases!

The performance of advanced mods are regulated by sophisticated chips. What sets a mod apart from say a very powerful vape pod or pod mod (there is no shortage of these on the market), is that they use 510 threading to attach the vape tank. This means that you are not stuck relying on proprietary pod designs when obtaining fresh hardware. Many vape mods even have firm ware that allows the truly skilled vaper to manipulate how the device fires. This is rarely necessary as their large displays have an array of easy to navigate menu options and firing protocols that are preset for optimal vaping.


Vape Tanks

A vape tank is a 510 threaded tank that fits onto a box mod. At one time, there were more tank designs competing for market share. If you remember the old eGo twists, they used a quite different and more narrow threading than a VooPoo Drag or a Geek Vape Mod. Most tanks glass sides for greater flavor and visual clarity. Great effort has been paid to reducing the leakage of these large tanks and the durability of the coils. Most modern vape tanks use press fit coils with multiple stoppers. The days of e-liquid pouring through your pocket are being engineered out of existence.


Replacement Coils

While 510 threaded vape tanks are compatible with 510 threaded devices, the coils contained within vape tanks are rarely cross compatible. This is important to remember as replacement coils are the engine that vaporizers e-liquid. 

Coil design is also where the genius of the vape tank shines through. The switch to triple coils and mesh coils has improved the ramp up speed tremendously since the first hard hitting vape mods arrived on the market 8 years ago.

With the same or less wattage, these coils generate more vapor with a better flavor and burn less juice in the process. They also tend to last longer than the wire spun coils of yesteryear. One thing that has not changed is that a properly primed and new coil, let your e-liquid soak in for 5 to 15 minutes before firing, delivers the best possible flavor. Fresh coils is one piece of vaping hardware you will want to invest in.


Replacement Glass

Sometimes tanks get dropped and the glass cracks. Many tanks offer several glass designs with varying e-liquid capacities. Bubble glass is a common innovation to increase capacity and straight sided glass exists for those who may like to switch flavors more frequently than a high e-liquid volume tank allows.


Vape Mod Kits

Despite the 510 compatibility and the occasional mod offered without a tank, most are sold as mod kits. These include everything you need to start vaping, with the exception of batteries for those designs without an integrated lithium ion battery. These tanks are selected to fit and work with a specific mod and it is almost always cheaper to buy a kit than individual components.


Pod Mods

Splitting the difference between the vapor cloud generating mod and the thumb sized disposable vape alternative pod is the Pod Mod. The first generation Smok RPM40 is a good example of this style of device, even if it has been superseded by amazing new RPM models from Smok and Voopoo's innovative pod mods and mod pods. Pod Mods usually have adjustable wattage and have wattage outputs that range up to 80 watts, with even the least powerful kicking out 40 watts.

Rather than a 510 threaded tank, they use a proprietary pod design. These Pod Mod systems use pods that do not have an integrated coil, which instead is press fit into place much like a conventional vape tank. There are a wide range of resistances available. Whilst generally not draw activated like a pure MTL vape pod, there is usually a core with high enough resistance to handle more potent Nic Salts. The bread and butter of the Pod Mod is that it offers the convenience of a pod kit and performance that nearly matches the thickest mod in real world terms. Pod mods also have digital displays, like a full blown mod, although with less functionality.


Batteries and Chargers

Many pod kits and mod kits now have integrated lithium ion batteries. These allow your vape to be charged with a convention USB style cord. Higher end mods often require 18650 or even 21650 lithium ion batteries that need to be purchased separately. eJuice Direct has the batteries and chargers that mod users need and at affordable prices. 

A crucial piece of vape hardware, it is possible to charge these mods with a USB cord as well but it is recommended that you have a wall charger as well and that you do not leave batteries on the charger indefinitely. There are many inexpensive battery carrying cases available, which allow the mod user on the go to guarantee they will not run out of battery juice before their vape juice on hand is depleted.


MTL versus DL Vaping

MTL vs DL vaping

Vape starter kits aren't just for new vapers. They are the most cost effective way to obtain the vape hardware you need to enjoy all of the delicious flavors locked in your favorite vape juice. There are two fundamental styles of vaping. These are mouth to lung (MTL) and direct lung (DL) vaping.

Vape mods are designed for direct lung vaping. They consist of a tank, usually sub-ohm, replacement coils for the tank and the mod itself. Due to their square size, these mods are sometimes referred to as box mods.

Some vape mods require batteries to be purchased separately. We recommend using a wall charger if you use a mod that is powered by swappable lithium ion batteries (18650 is by far the most common size).

Direct Lung Vaping

Vape mods generate a ton of vapor and are designed for lower nicotine strength, high-VG ejuices. You should never vape potent Nic Salts out of a power box mod. The airflow on vape tanks can be controlled but at high-wattage and with low resistance coils (resistance describing essentially how fast the coil heats), the vapor is basically shot straight into your lungs and does not stop in your mouth en route.

While associated with cloud chucking, a vape mod is a great way to enjoy lower nicotine strength juices and they are quite reliable. With the swappable batteries, they remain a product to be used at your own risk when compared to vape devices with integrated batteries.

Mouth to Lung Vaping

Mouth to Lung vaping more closely resemble combustibles in terms of draw and performance. They require less vapor because the nicotine strength of the juices used by most vapers in the devices is substantially higher.


eJuice Direct Advantage

Our selection of vape mods, sub-ohm coils and glass tank for your traditional high-VG juice or a vape pod starter kit for your Nic Salt vaping enjoyment, eJuice Direct has you covered. 

Do you need a mod, a pod kit, a tank, a coil, a battery, a drip-tip or anything else germane to vaping? Our hardware section is a catchall with everything under the sun. 

Whether you are a vaping newbie or a seasoned pro, we have a wide variety of vape devices to fill whatever need you may have. Looking for a sub-ohm vape that lasts for years? Check out our user-friendly starter kits. Need a new low-wattage vape that can keep up with your vaping habits? Take a look at our extensive pod system collection.

Restocking your stash of coils, pods or tanks? We’ve got you covered. No matter what you choose, you can trust that you are getting the best price on premier vape hardware from reliable industry brands, including SMOK, Aspire, VooPoo, Uwell, and GeekVape. Shop eJuice Direct for all of your vape hardware needs and see how much you can save when you go Direct.

We have the hardware that vapers need to derive optimal flavor and satisfaction from their favorite vape juices. And you can take advantage of our great collection as well. 

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