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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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    Yogi Bar 8000 Disposable

    Experience flavor like never before with the Yogi Bar 8000 Disposable. This cutting-edge device boasts a generous 17mL prefilled capacity and a 5% ...

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    Original price $24.99
    Original price $24.99 - Original price $24.99
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Disposable Vapes

It turns out that most adult vapers are just looking for a convenient, affordable, flavorful, discrete, and satisfying way to vape. They want tasty puffs and an easy to use device that can be operated without the hassle. If you are looking for the disposable experience but want to save money by filling your own pod starter kit, check out our great collection of nic salts and pod kits

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And there is no easier way to enjoy great eJuices and high strength salt nicotine than a disposable vape pen. Disposables are ready to vape out of the box. eJuice Direct is your online vape store and boasts a disposable vape collection which includes the biggest names in the industry. Featuring storied brands like Elf Bar, our collection is constantly restocked. It has never been easier to enjoy a quick use and long lasting disposable vape pen.


The Best Disposable Vapes

Technology and convenience have been greatly improved from the days of disposable vape bars made by companies like Posh, Puff Bar, Cali Bar and others. Initially, devices were stuck with only fruit flavors like banana and mint infused nic salts. Today's long lasting disposables deliver exponentially more puffs and often use rechargeable lithium ion batteries. 

The modern disposable vape is a sophisticated device and will deliver a puff count that absolutely dwarfs the older designs. More importantly, they have better flavor quality, vapor production and reliability. Their performance is now comparable or even superior to the typical refillable device. 

The days when your day was ruined when the end of a short lived disposable was marked when vape juice runs straight past the flimsy silicone plugs and out of the primitive mouthpiece are over. Today's disposable vaporizer designs are draw activated, robust, compact, reliable and some hold half as much e-juice as an entire bottle of nicotine salts. They are far more advanced, convenient and powerful than the old disposable vape bar design. 


The eJuice Direct Advantage

Reliability might be the most important feature of all. This is why eJuice Direct only carries the best disposable vapes on the market and our disposable collection only includes products obtained directly from the manufacturer or official distributors. The top disposable vapes work. No fuss and no muss. And eJuice Direct has a reliable shipping network so that you need not worry about your device arriving in a timely manner. 

One thing to keep in mind about our disposable vaporizer collection, is that we do not want your business if you are not 21 and use rigorous age verification technology. eJuice Direct recognized early the existential threat posed to our industry by underage misuse and how it could cost adults access to their preferred alternatives. 


How to Use a Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are pre-filled with e-liquid. It is incredibly easy to use a disposable vape as they use autodraw technology. Disposable devices arrive with a pre-charged lithium ion battery. Many disposable vapes are now rechargeable as well. This allows manufacturers to offer even more e-liquid without greatly increasing the battery size. Just open the box, remove the packaging, pull out the silicone stoppers and inhale. It is that easy to use a disposable vape. 


Types of Disposable Vapes

We can forget about the old cigalike disposables that used freebase nicotine. They have long since been pushed off the market by prefilled pods and disposable devices. Today's disposable vapes deliver far more puffs, boast long lasting battery designs, superior e-liquid flavors, and budget friendly prices. 

The first disposable vapes to use nic salt vape juice, which is simply the standard blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol with a different type of nicotine with a lower pH, were popularized by products from Puff Labs. The favorite flavors of nicotine salt vape juice fans were perfectly executed but the puff count was fairly low. 


Disposable Vape Pens

The larger disposable vape pen came next. It used a cylindrical form factor and a larger battery to provide more puffs. Puff Labs, Hyppe Bar and others focused on this longer lasting device but the primary limitation was battery size. 

To extract every last drop of vape juice, a substantial lithium ion battery was required. In theory, you could make a disposable the size of a bassoon that contains a gallon of vape juice and is powered by a bank of batteries. Realistically, the only way to increase puff counts and provide a compact device was to switch to rechargeable batteries because disposable vape pens tend to top off with a capacity of 6-9ml and even this requires a battery with over 1000mAh. 


Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

Most disposable vapes today are rechargeable. Great devices by brands like Air Box, Elf Bar, Lost Mary and others offer a wide range of flavors. The rechargeable disposable vape is the perfected design and light years ahead of the original tobacco vape juice cigalikes from a decade ago.

The most common rechargeable disposable is shaped like a box, with the e-liquid positioned next to the battery. This results in a super small size. There are some rechargeable vape pen designs as well, which are longer because the components are stacked end to end. 

They truly are a disposable vaporizer, capable of performing as well as a vape pod starter kit thanks to their advanced mesh coils and actually generating more puffs than any refillable device. The recharge functionality is huge, as they are usually powered by 650mAh batteries and are filled with up to 15ml of your favorite flavor. 

To start vaping, all you need to do is open the box. They generate a ton puffs, fit easily in your pocket and last about day between recharges. When they are drained of nicotine salts, they cannot be refilled and are instead discarded. For this reason, filling your own device is still the better price performer and you don't have to toss these in the landfill after one use. Disposable vapes also do not come in as many nicotine strengths as bottled vape juice. 

But in terms of taste, coils, vapor, ease of carry, everything but refilling, rechargeable disposable vapes are a viable alternative to a draw activated vape pod starter kit. 


Disposable Vape Flavors

Disposables does not mean inferior any more. The taste generated by modern disposable vape devices is top notch. And they come in the flavors most popular with adult vapers. They are not new devices, disposable vape pens have been around since the earliest days, but their convenience is now without peer. 

They utilize nicotine salts, the same style found in prefilled vape pods, which are manufactured by Big Tobacco and sold at convenience stores next to their cigarettes and combustible products. Nic Salts are also sold in bottles and there are autodraw pod kits that mimic the performance of their prefilled rivals and will save you money in the process. 

While the estimated number of puffs of a disposable may seem optimistic, the sheer volume of the quality of vapor and fidelity of their flavor have made them one of the hottest vaping devices in years. And anyone who has used a modern design can attest to the fact that the days of disposables dying in one afternoon are long gone. 

When you browse eJuice Direct's great collection of disposable vape flavors, you will notice that fruit, tropical fruit, beverage and fusions of these fruity flavors with menthol are quite prominent. As the coils have grown more sophisticated, more multifaceted dessert and pastry nic salts are beginning to emerge in popularity as well. But there is no doubt that fruit, specifically fruit and menthol blends, dominate this list of most popular flavors. 

Mango Ice

Mango was an OG nic salt flavor first popularized by the controversial Juul. This flavor has a great balance of unique tropical flair and is rarely too sweet. That said, the addition of cooling menthol or mint really enhances it. 

Blue Razz

A confection and fruit inspired e-liquid, blue raspberry tastes like summer and pure nostalgia. It is sweet but has enough tart confection notes to keep it balanced. 

Blue Razz Ice

The same story as blue razz, except the addition of ice makes it twice as nice!

Peach Ice

Nectary and sweet, the unctuous sweetness of peach never overwhelms when properly paired with the cooling elements of menthol. 

Strawberry Banana

Strawnana, strawberry banana, and other names are used to describe a popular fruit inspired mash-up that generally arrives free of icy notes. The sweet banana juxtaposes perfectly with the tart and ripe elements based on perfectly ripe strawberries. 

Banana Ice

Bold and beautiful banana ice was inspired by the Gros Michel rather than the Cavendish cultivars sold at grocery stores. This shines through with the great depth of the banana and mint tones found in your typical banana ice disposable. 

Strawberry Ice

Tart and luscious strawberry merged with menthol isn't a combination you will find in nature. But you will find it in many a great disposable. 

Sweet Mint

Back when politicians were fretting over high-VG juices with names like Unicorn Milk which appealed entirely to adult vaping hobbyists, Mint was the runaway favorite of just about every vaper. Sweet Mint still has many adult fans and it is no longer available in prefilled pod kits like Juul or Vuse Alto since the federal flavor ban. Another advantage enjoyed by eJuice direct customers. 

Watermelon Ice

Once known as Lush Ice, which technically has mild raspberry elements as well, watermelon has remained at the forefront of disposable vape flavors. It is easy to see why. Combined with balancing menthol elements, the light, airy and sweet notes strike a perfect balance between hard-shelled confection and ripe watermelon. 

Lychee Ice

It is likely that more US adult vapers have tried lychee nic salts than the actual tropical fruit from which they derive inspiration. Suffice it to say, this is a tropical fruit that translates perfectly to MTL vaping and pairs exquisitely with iced notes. It has a bit more depth than even mango but is rather hard to describe. A bit more like an a tart grape, although nowhere near as sweet as the Concord grape inspired vape juices that are so popular. 

Green Apple Ice

But if you love banana, then banana ice is usually not your only choice. Aloe is a unique cooling flavor that has risen to prominence as well. Disposable vapes come in a rainbow of flavors. For a device of such humble origins, disposables have come a long way. In order to remain mindful, we suggest that you discard the device carefully once it gives up the ghost but there is no doubt the addition of a battery that can be recharged has made them top banana among nic salt and MTL vapers. 

Grape Ice

Concord grape is a distinct and sweet concoction that has been lifted whole cloth into the world of vaping. But it is a familiar flavor, found in gums, sodas, confections, jellies and other tasty treats. 

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