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MOO Series by Kilo

moo series by kilo premium eliquid ejuice direct

The Moo Series is a lineup that’s all about creamy milk! Kilo eLiquid has come out and stamped their name onto their original Moo eLiquids lineup. Kilo eLiquid’s Moo Series offers a collection of eJuice that encompasses different flavors paired with a creamy milk base. Now with the addition of Neapolitan and Coffee Milk - Kilo’s Moo Series is better than ever before! Start your morning right with Coffee Milk, or taste Neapolitan Milk - a flavor that delivers everyone’s favorite trifecta of ice cream scoops. Vanilla Almond introduces a subtle nutty flavor beneath its main vanilla base. Blueberry Milk takes a handful of fresh blueberries and blends it into a glass of milk for a subtle tart flavor. Banana Milk takes a tall glass of milk and mixes down an entire bundle of bananas with it. Strawberry Milk takes a batch of fresh strawberries and incorporates it into a glass of refreshing milk. See what Kilo’s been up to and give the Moo Series a try today!

**Moo eLiquids is going through a major rebranding. It is now Called KILO ELIQUIDS MOO SERIES. The product has a new label and box, but the flavors are unchanged. We can not guarantee what version you will receive as we are still receiving both versions of the bottles until the full roll out is completed. **



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