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Vaping Documentaries – eJuice Direct

Vaping documentaries are a hot-button topic in the mainstream news, and their impact on our industry is huge. These films focus on reporting the indisputable facts and the science behind vaping from a big-picture perspective. eJuice Direct is dedicated to sharing up-to-date and accurate information about vaping, so we have compiled a list of the [...]

What is the Best Flavor for High Strength Vape Juices? – eJuice Direct

What is the Best Flavor for High Strength Vape Juices? In the seemingly never-ending search for the perfect e-juice, it can be difficult to find a flavor profile that fits exactly what you are looking for. As we learned in our previous blog, Does the Nicotine Level in e-Liquids Affect the Flavor?, the addition of [...]

Tip of the Month: Investing in Quality Hardware – eJuice Direct

Investing in Quality Hardware November’s Tip of the Month is a fantastic trick for new and experienced vape users. Investing in good quality vape hardware is the first step toward a successful vaping experience, and you can find a premier vape device at eJuice Direct for a budget-friendly price. Let’s dive into what makes a [...]

Are Vapes Allowed in Airports? – eJuice Direct

Are Vapes Allowed in Airports? As our time in quarantine begins to end and we start traveling more, it is important to review the updated regulations regarding vape devices in airports and on airplanes. As of September 2020, the Travel Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) both have issued detailed guidelines for [...]

Making Your Own e-Juice: Why You Shouldn’t – eJuice Direct

Making Your Own e-Juice: Why You Shouldn't Just like bathtub moonshine, creating e-Liquids from scratch is a task best left to the professionals. However, it is understandably intriguing to wonder how e-juice is made and if you could do it yourself. At eJuice Direct, we know the vaping community is full of smart adults who [...]