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Go with Hitt Go!

Hitt Go Disposable vape pens are an affordable and convenient way to puff your favorite flavors without the hassle of recharging and refilling a full-size vape device. These low-maintenance vape pens are affordable and compact, so you can stock up and take your Hitt Go vape devices anywhere you go. Check out eJuice Direct’s collection [...]

New Arrivals 12/08/20: Meet the Newest Vape Hardware at eJuice Direct!

eJuice Direct is always excited to add more vape products to our warehouse, and this week on the Direct Blog, we are taking a look at the newest hardware including pod systems and coils. These innovative vape devices offer reliable functions and easy-to-use controls, so if you have been thinking about upgrading your vape device, [...]

Voices Carry Week 3 – eJuice Direct

Voices carry, and the voices of the eJuice Direct vaping community are invaluable to us. Within our fanbase, there are dozens of dedicated vape enthusiasts who show their appreciation for the community by leaving detailed reviews on e-Liquids and hardware that not only help us understand your shopping experience, but also help other vapers find [...]

Vapetasia e-Liquids New Look – eJuice Direct

Vapetasia e-Liquids Vapetasia e-Liquids just got a new look! This best-selling vape juice brand redesigned their e-juice packaging with a gorgeous old school aesthetic to highlight their incredible flavors. All of the bottles still sport the iconic diner-style logo, so you won’t have to worry about missing them on vape shop shelves and here at [...]

Twist e-Liquids New Look – eJuice Direct

Twist e-Liquids Twist E-Liquids just got a new look! This fan-favorite e-juice brand revitalized its collection with new flavors and new flavor names. Don’t worry, eJuice Direct still offers their updated line of delicious e-Liquids, but some of their titles have changed. Banana Oatmeal Cookie is now Banana Amber Berry Medley Lemonade is now Purple [...]

Weekly Product Review: Coastal Clouds Blueberry Banana – eJuice Direct

Coastal Clouds Blueberry Banana e-Liquid Reviewers Agree: Today on the Direct Blog, we are diving into an e-Liquid so popular, our fans cannot stop raving about it! Coastal Clouds is famous for their fruity e-juice flavors and creative blends, but their Blueberry Banana e-Liquid stands out as one of the most well-loved, with a 4.5 [...]

Spotlight Disposables: Lush – eJuice Direct

Lush Disposables Lush Disposable vape pens offer an affordable vaping option for vape enthusiasts of all experience levels and budgets. The convenient pre-filled tank and pre-charged battery mean you can enjoy over 300 puffs of premium 5% nicotine salt e-Liquid from each device without ever stopping to refill, recharge, or swap coils. Check out eJuice [...]