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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Buckshot Vapors

Buckshot vapors eliquid producer premium vape juice ejuice direct

In 2013 Buckshot Vapors Inc. was born. One of the original vape juice brands started its journey with the idea of giving people an alternative that included great flavor and premium ingredients in their eliquids. The public responded overwhelmingly to their entry and they soon became tops in the field. Together they carved out a nitch that gave the public many options but Buckshot Vapors was easily recognized for its all day vape eJuices. Together they designed the artwork on their bottles after both of their loves, California skateboarding and punk rock music. They stand out both visually and mentally for fun artwork and great tasting premium vape eJuice.

Colors is a line that caters to the candy lovers. It’s all about fruit flavor that has been turned into sweet or sour (depending on your preference) hard candy. You might get something as simple as butterscotch but it might be a more complex flavor that is several fruit candies together. Check them out and discover that candy vape eliquid is a colorful world just waiting for you.

Time Bomb Vapors is a complete line of fruity goodness. Depending on what you are looking for in the fruit world – this line offers a lot of options. There are apples, blueberries, dragon fruit, honeydew, peaches, raspberries, strawberries and watermelon – all are in various different combinations. One combination has three fruits and a menthol. There’s also an orange cream soda, a vanilla cupcake, and some pixy candy. 

Time Bomb Limited is a simple line with several options. If you loved the cupcake found in the original Time Bomb line, you’ll love the one in this line too. It’s a blueberry cupcake with cream frosting. There’s also a menthol grape pixy candy. And to keep one candy company there’s’ another and this one is grape and raspberry together.

Time Bomb Salt will get you the smoothest nicotine hit on the Time Bomb Planet. Start out with a little pixy dust and your candy dreams have just come true. Next, step it up with a little dynamic fruit that has strawberries apples and peaches. Naturally, there is an iced version. So, top it off with menthol and you’ve got a hit.



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