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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Squonk Mods

Squounking Mods and Kits | Squonk Devices | Vape Hardware

Squonk mods and 'squonking' has quickly become known as a new and innovative way to maximize flavor. Squonking mods are very similar to the performance offered by a rebuildable dripping atomizer. With an RDA, you drip liquid directly into your atomizer. RDAs are popular because they make it very easy to switch between flavors and the process tends to produce denser clouds and bolder flavor than the traditional tank. RDAs do require some patience and there is a learning curve, they can be somewhat messy till you get the hang of it. Most squonk style devices are unregulated/semi-regulated with only small protection features but usually have no way to actually choose a specific wattage. Not all rdas are compatible with squonk style kits, they must offer the corresponding squonk 510 pin that you can switch out yourself. You will need to carry a bottle of e-liquid with you and "dripping" can mean you end up with e-liquid all over your kit. Squonking offers the same performance but eliminates the need to actually drip each time by building a solution right into the design. Squonk mods are bottom-feeding and carry your e-liquid supply inside the mod, allowing you to directly feed e-liquid to the atomizer. The box mod has a small opening, called a "squonk hole" that you squeeze to deliver a small amount of e-liquid to the atomizer and saturate the wick. When you release the pressure on the bottle, any excess will drip back into the bottle. We assume this is where the term squonking came from, it's the act of squeezing the juice bottle to saturate the wick sort of makes a "squonk sound".

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