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Jumpstart Your Vape Game With eJuice Direct

eJuice Direct Offers a Wide Range of Outstanding Flavors

At eJuice Direct, we put the excitement back in your vape experience. Discover hidden gems of unique flavor blends, or search through our deep inventory of popular favorites. With so many vendors, brands, and options available, the search for the right product can be overwhelming and tiresore, but with eJuice Direct, we make your shopping experience easy and fun. With hundreds upon hundreds of different flavor profiles, nicotine strength levels and bottle sizes, the perfect choice is waiting for you at eJuice Direct. Try something new, stock up on an old standby, or just swing by and check out our incredible deals and rock bottom prices!

Dozens of tops brands are readily available at your fingertips with our online database of vape products. Grab your nearest tablet, laptop, or smartphone device and dive into our extensive list of vape products today!


With recent developments in vape device technology, using our premium e-Liquid has never been easier. Vape devices are now being specifically designed for ease of use, and with a few simple steps, you too can be a vape enthusiast. To fill your devices tank or pod, first select your favorite profile from our wide collection of delicious options, including fruits, menthols, tobacco blends and more. Shake the bottle well to ensure the high-quality ingredients are properly mixed, then drip the e-Liquid into your tank or pod with the included nasal-tip bottle head.

Approximately 10-20 Drops Will Do The Trick

Be sure to limit the vape juice contact to the pod or tank, then allow it to sit for one-to-two minutes to allow the contents to settle before closing the tip and vaping away. Enjoy thick clouds of satisfying vapor with impressive taste that will last all day.

We Keep Vaping Fun!

Your satisfaction depends on the entire vaping experience from start to finish. By focusing on delivering the highest quality products and service to our valued customers, we can ensure you receive what you need at the best possible price.

What is vape juice made of? Just a simple mixture of food grade flavor additives, propylene glycol (or PG), vegetable glycerin (or VG), and nicotine (if you choose). PG is used as a flavor booster, while VG levels determine the thickness and density of your clouds. Each are vital to the vaping process, and at eJuice Direct, we always use a 70/30 ratio of PG/VG for optimum performance and perfectly balanced taste. We are confident that with our products, you will always blow the biggest and tastiest clouds possible.

There’s Something for Everyone at eJuice Direct

We know the sheer volume of our massive inventory can be overwhelming, so we have carefully organized our many brands and options to make online e-juice shopping simple. Browse categories like fruit, tobacco, or menthol to see if you can find your perfect flavor match. Not seeing what you like? We do our best to always offer what our customers want, and would love to hear your feedback and reviews. With 30mL (nic salt only), 60mL, 100mL, and 120mL options in a variety of nicotine levels, you can sample something new or stock up on something you really enjoy. We’ve done the searching and comparing for you, so you’ll never waste another day driving from vape store to vape store to get the best selection and price.

Vape Juice – We Make It Safe

The safety and wellbeing of our customers is a top priority at eJuice Direct. We’ve ensured the process is safe from beginning to end, starting with our e-juice production process, which takes place in a secure and controlled environment. Using only the highest quality ingredients, like food-grade flavor additives, our vape juice flavors undergo rigorous testing before we ever consider adding them to our extensive product lists. Our eJuice Direct team will never compromise the health and safety of our customers with the quality of our e-juice products, especially at the expense of lower prices. The harmful effects of combustible cigarettes are a thing of the past with the many vaping products available at eJuice Direct.

While you can find cheap e-juice virtually everywhere, only eJuice Direct ensures you receive a wide variety of high quality vape products at a fair price. Get superior quality and service when you shop online and have your favorite e-Liquids, vape hardware and more arrive direct to your doorstep- and all at an excellent value. Our warehouse is based in the Midwest, and our online services and flat rate shipping are available to customers worldwide. We have satisfied thousands of orders throughout the years, and are always searching for new ways to provide even better products and customer service. Sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive deals, so be sure to check eJuice Direct frequently for even greater savings on everything from single bottles to bulk purchases. Go Direct today!

What eJuice Direct Can Do For You

Was that the best (or worst) e-juice you’ve ever tried? Accidentally ordered the wrong product? Our customer service team is always available to help. We offer our online customer care service to assist you with all of your vape product related inquiries. Also, stay up-to-date on all of our latest offers and products with our eJuice Direct newsletter. Subscribe today, and check back regularly as we will always have something new in store. Your vaping adventure is waiting at eJuice Direct.