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Bad Drip – Mix & Match Pick Two

$40.00 $20.97
Earn 21 Direct Dollars

  • Bad Drip - Bad Apple

    Flavor: Sour apple candies and bubble gum.

  • Bad Drip - Bad Blood

    Flavor: Blueberry and pomegranate with trace of vanilla powdering.

  • Bad Drip - Cereal Trip

    Flavor: Loopy fruit cereal on a frosted donut dipped in milk.

  • Bad Drip - Dead Lemon

    Flavor: A light sugar dusting on a newly sliced lemon.

  • Bad Drip - Don't Care Bear

    Flavor: Gummy bear blend of peaches, pears, and melons.

  • Bad Drip - Don't Care Bear Iced Out

    Flavor: Peaches, pears, and melons in a gummy bear blend with menthol.

  • Bad Drip - Drooly

    Flavor: A hard candy jaw breaker packed with grape and mixed berries.

  • Bad Drip - Farley's Gnarly Sauce

    Flavor: A strawberry kiwi enveloped bubble gum.

  • Bad Drip - Farley's Gnarly Sauce Iced Out

    Flavor: A bubblegum with strawberry kiwi and menthol.

  • Bad Drip - God Nectar

    Flavor: Passionfruit, orange, mango and guava.

  • Bad Drip - Laffy

    Flavor: Blueberry and grape get pounded into taffy by Laffy himself.

  • Bad Drip - Pennywise

    Flavor: Watermelon uses bubblegum to stay stuck together with strawberry.

  • Bad Drip - Pennywise Iced Out

    Flavor: Watermelon gets bubblegum glued to strawberry with menthol.

  • Bad Drip - Sweet Tooth

    Flavor: Crazy carnival cotton candy crammed with rich raspberry.

  • Bad Drip - Ugly Butter

    Flavor: Fried dough that's filled with banana pudding and dusted with cinnamon sugar.

  • Bad Drip - Bad Apple Iced Out

    Flavor: Sour apple candies and bubblegum with menthol added.

  • Bad Drip - God Nectar Iced Out

    Flavor: Passionfruit, orange, mango, and guava nectar with menthol.

Category: Brand: Bad Drip Labs