Chubby Gorilla - 30ml Unicorn Bottle – eJuice Direct
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Chubby Gorilla 30ml Unicorn Bottle Ejuice Direct accessories

Chubby Gorilla - 30ml Unicorn Bottle

$ 10.00
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The Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottles keep your eJuice safe and secure. The easy-open lid seals the bottle air-tight. The 30ml Chubby Unicorn Bottles are tamper and childproof to ensure the contents of your bottle isn’t accessible in the wrong hands.


Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottles are becoming the new standard of how people store their eJuice. The tamper and childproof bottles keep your eJuice secure and the bottle’s malleable structure allows for easier dripping/filling at the squeeze of the bottle.



  • 30ml capacity
  • True Child Resistance Cap (CRC)
  • Slim, Convenient, Travel-Easy Design
  • Easy-Pour, Narrow Drip Tip for Spill-Free Dispensing
  • Pressure Sealed Tested for Maximum Durability
  • Embossed With Proprietary, Signature Gorilla Logo as a Stamp of Absolute Quality
  • Designed & Engineered In California USA 

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