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Cookie King- Lemon Wafer Bottle & Box View | 100ml Vape Juice
Cookie King Synthetic - Lemon Wafer
Cookie King Synthetic - Lemon Wafer
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Cookie King Synthetic - Lemon Wafer


Cookie King Lemon Wafer eJuice takes a commonplace classic and cranks it up to the next level with little to no work. The tiny vanilla discs are a go-to comfort food for many people. With just a subtle touch of fresh lemon, this basic treat becomes a whole delicacy of melt in your mouth sweetness. This is by no means a simple or plain snack. Expect a true dessert that you can find yourself lost in, tumbling through the cookie cosmos. There’s a much bigger baked universe out there and you’ve just stumbled across a way to rip it wide open. Once you’ve seen the intricate depths of just how far this little round can go, it’s near impossible to ever go back to before.

Customer Reviews
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Joyce R.
Tasted like dry wall smells

Tasted like dry wall smells , wasn’t happy with it at all .

Extremely waffery

I thought the lemon wafer was going to be like the actual lemon wafer when you bit into it, but it was the opposite. It takes more like the wafer than the lemon. I was so dumbed. I thought I could continue to use it to get the lemon flavor to come through but it never did. My husband loves it so I gave it three stars otherwise I would have given it a much lower rating. I guess we all have different pallets. I was really banking on that lemon flavor.

Daniel S.
What's up with the sugar

Would of been a great juice if wasn't for a large amount of sweetener. I just got it and I am very tempted to just dump it. Honestly, I am sick of buying very sweet juices... Will not buy again. Uhh
FIY- Sweet flavors will gunk up your coils, and ruin your wicks quicker.

Nathan M.
Wonderful Taste

I received a sample bottle of this flavor in a mystery bag and i'm glad i did. The taste is very smooth and pleasant without any lung harshness. It defiantly has a predominant lemon flavor with a very slight vanilla undertone. i enjoyed it better mixed with other based dessert flavors too calm the lemon flavor, but any sweet/candy lover will feel right at home. Also not bad on the coils either would recommend!

Richard R.
D -licous

Love this.. On my second bottle.. All day vape for me.


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