Donuts eJuice by Marina Vape 5-Pack Deal | Premium eJuice – eJuice Direct
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Donuts by Marina Vape eJuice 5-Pack | Premium eJuice

Donuts eJuice 5-Pack

$ 135.00
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Get a 60ml Bottle of each flavor for a total of 300mls of Donuts eJuice!

  • Blueberry Donut - A warm fluffy blueberry donut dunked in a glass of milk
  • Strawberry Donut - A sweet strawberry frosted donut with a strawberry jam filling dipped in an ice cold glass of milk
  • PBLS Donut - a fresh glazed donut, sprinkled with fruity pebbles and then dunked in a delicious glass of milk
  • Choco Donut - A fresh glazed chocolate donut, covered in rainbow sprinkles and soaked in a delicious ice cold glass of milk.
  • Glazed Kronuts- A fresh sugar glazed pastry, soaked in a delicious ice cold glass of milk

VG/PG: 70/30


Donuts eJuice by Marina Vape offers five donut vape juice flavors within this pack! The pack is just like having the tantalizing delicious smells and moist goodness of your local donut shop in your vape device. Blueberry Donut provides a subtle tart undertone with the flavor of the blueberry infused glaze. PBLS Donut stands out for anyone who’s fond of cereal inspired eJuice; this flavor uses fruity bits of cereal as a topping over a glazed donut. With Strawberry Donut, the fruity strawberry infused glaze coating the donut has an excellent taste for strawberry e Juice fans who have a preference for creamier flavors. Rounding out this pack are two new flavors by Maria Vape, Choco Donuts vape juice gives you the chocolicious flavor of a glazed chocolate donut smothered in rainbow sprinkles dipped in an ice cold glass of milk! Save that glass of milk for the Glazed Kronut; puffed silky glazed pastry with a taste of frosty sugar glaze. Stop by the Donuts eJuice by Marina Vape donut shop and pick up the Donuts eJuice Five-Pack!

Donuts by Marina Vape Premium eLiquid eJuice Direct

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Donut Awesomeness

This is easily the best combo pack I've bought on this site. All the flavors are amazing, especially the PBLS Donuts and the Chocolate Donuts.


Great line of juice! Highly recommended if you like doughnuts. In order of my favorite are the Pebbled, strawberry blueberry (tied for second), choco, kronuts. What makes this a great choice is the variety of flavor profiles. I easily over due it with the peb, straw, blu. I switch to the Kronut and choc to refresh my palette with either the neutral buttery cakey kronut or the deeper rich flavor of the chocolate. I’ve found vaping these on a lower than recommended wattage (35w) with the baby beast x4 coils produces better flavor and extends the life of the coil. (*starting this juice in a fresh/primed coil I start with a short draw around 25w and add a watt every 3-4 puffs till I get to 35w. Breaking in the coil this way has produced the best flavor for this line of juice.)

Great juice

We are really enjoying the hole line very much every flavor is on point and is very enjoyable!!!


Absolutely love all these flavors!!!


The best flavor, by far, is the strawberry; all of the others have a very synthetic flavor and I haven't been able to vape any of for long - the taste is just weird. I'm bummed!



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