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American Dream by Flave Lab Premium Vape Juice eJuice Direct

Flave Lab - American Dream

$ 30.00
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Gentle layers of ripe strawberries and sweet blueberries topped with a touch of whipped cream.




God bless America! You can almost taste the freedom and patriotism behind this star-spangled blend of eJuice. Flave Lab’s American Dream vape juice has a slight blueberry tart during the initial draw and gets its stripes from the strawberry flavor found in every hit. The taste of whipped cream stands in the place of the white stripes of our banner found on the finish. It’s the American Dream - all in one delectable bottle of eJuice!

  • Before using your eJuice, please make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose due to pressure changes during shipping. eJuice Direct is not responsible for spilled juice due to loose nozzles.
  • We highly recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.
  • Be aware that the tamper-proof rings may be weak and can break off and/or come loose during shipping. eJuice Direct will not offer replacements due to broken tamper rings.

Flave Lab 3 Pack Deal Premium Vape Juice eJuice Direct

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Two thumbs up

Two thumbs up

definitely let it steep, not quite ready out the box

Unfortunately when my bottle arrived the design of the bottle didn't allow for a full seal. So i already started with a loss of a quarter of juice (this review does not reflect the fast & efficient shipping of EJD, it's a bottle design flaw not shipping mis-handling). Anyway, like others have posted, the juice smells great to the nose, but the flavor isn't all quite ready especially the strawberries, not being very pronounced. The blueberries & whipped cream flavors are there, just a touch on the light side as well.


I got this as a steal of the day so it's definitely worth that price, but I wouldn't pay full price for it. It has a berry flavor but I can't seem to taste a specific strawberry or blueberry flavor, I don't taste any cream either. If you are looking for a strawberry and cream vape, go for Babyclouds - that is my all time favorite!

Needs a little steeping

Great customer service


I reviewed this juice right when I first got it in a previous review -- and I SHOULD have waited to get a better "feel" for how the juice vapes after it's been opened and air is allowed to get to it.

The juice develops well after as little as a DAY after opening the bottle. This is a juice that seems to get better with time. Simply by having it in my mod for a day, it seems to really have developed into a nice, smooth, and soothing vape. The flavour isn't overpowering -- so if you've been vaping a stronger flavoured juice -- or one with a 50/50 ration of VG to PG -- you might find this juice a little "light" on flavour. I imagine that American Dream will get better the longer it's allowed to steep as one day opened and in my tank -- the flavour developed pretty much overnight once it got air to it. Give this juice a chance to show its red, white, and blue colours and you'll come back to it regularly as a go-to "mellow-out" vape. The developed flavour is smooth as silk. This is not *supposed* to be an overpowering juice, as its name mentions it is "gentle layers of ripe strawberries and sweet blueberries topped with a touch of whipped cream." I, personally, have juices that I vape according to my moods. When I need to chill -- I vape a soothing, subtle, but smooth as silk juice like American Dream. Let it steep for a week or two -- as it was better even after a day of opening the bottle and having the juice in one of my tanks -- and you'll get MUCH better flavour than vaping it brand new right out of the bottle.

NOTE: I am vaping this juice on a Kanger K-Box Mini C at 29.0 watts -- using an SSOCC .05 ohm (NiCr) coil. I also like to use CLAPTON coils on juices like this that have a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. Yeah, this wattage (29.0) is lower that most people usually vape, but I am a real stickler for finding a juice's "sweet spot" --- and 29.0 watts for this juice seems perfect.



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