WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Kilo NTN Salts - Mango Guava Bottle & Box View | 30ml Salt Nic Vape Juice
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Kilo NTN Salts - Mango Guava

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Can’t find time in your busy schedule to take that tropical trip that you deserve? Don’t be too hard on yourself because Kilo eLiquids Revival NTN Salt Mango Guava e-Juice is a tropical paradise in a bottle! Each puff has rejuvenating mango and generous guava flavors bouncing from taste bud to taste bud. Like an enjoyable beach vacation, this prized e-juice is meant to be pure and smooth, so Kilo eLiquids added a non-tobacco nicotine formula to guarantee that effect. Don’t let a busy schedule bring you down, and instead, pick up 30mL bottles at 30mg and 50mg non-tobacco nicotine salt strength of Kilo eLiquids Revival NTN Salt Mango Guava e-Juice at eJuice Direct!


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