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Kohiba 3 Pack Deal Premium eliquid ejuice direct

Kohiba 3-Pack

$ 75.00
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Get a 120ml Bottle of each flavor for a total of 360mls of Dots!

  • Blueberry Tobacco - Bold blueberry tobacco.
  • Bourbon Tobacco - Sweet bourbon tobacco.
  • Kustard Tobacco - Rich custard tobacco.

VG/PG: 70/30


Kohiba provides a luxurious and sensational selection of tobacco flavored eJuice with Kohiba’s Bourbon, Blueberry, and Kustard. Each bottle uses the tobacco flavor as an undertone that never overpowers what’s wrapped up within it. Kustard balances out the bold tobacco with a sheet of creamy vanilla custard. Kohiba’s Blueberry features a fruity profile that shines past the main tobacco taste. With Bourbon, this dessert mix blends just the right amount of dessert-type bourbon into a rich roll of tobacco. Kick back, relax, and unwind with these three bottles of unadulterated flavor!

Kohiba Premium eJuice

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