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loaded by ruthless 2 pack deal premium eliquid ejuice direct

Loaded by Ruthless Original 2-Pack

$ 80.00
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Get a 120ml Bottle of each flavor for a total of 240mls of Loaded by Ruthless!

  • Glazed Donuts - A warm right out-the-oven donut, topped with sugary glaze.
  • Smores - Rich graham cracker sandwich with warm marshmallow and smooth chocolate in the center. 

VG/PG: 70/30


A pair of sweet and delicious eJuice. Loaded eLiquids offers Glaze and Smores with our Loaded eLiquid Two-Pack! Sample and savor the taste of a classic glazed donut with Loaded’s Glaze. If you’re looking for more than just a simple glazed donut, enjoy a fluffy, chocolaty, traditional fireside treat with Loaded’s Smores. Load up on eJuice with our Loaded eLiquid Two-Pack today!

  • 1x 15ml Loaded Unicorn Bottle

loaded by ruthless premium ejuice

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not good

Just good to make clouds nothing else

very good

Great juice. The glazed donut is subtle but very delicious. Tank after tank all day. S'more takes some getting used to but once you give it a chance after a few ml the flavor profile really developes. Top 10 favorite for both.

My newest ADV

Glazed donuts is my new fave. Authentic, rich flavor and fluffy clouds. All day long. S'mores is nice but not an ADV for me.

A little too little for my taste.

I tasted both bottles as soon as they arrived. They both smelled like "the good stuff", no chemical smells or heavy scent. The flavors are not intense. I'm honestly a little underwhelmed by both of these flavors straight out of the mail. Cloud production on both bottles are excellent, if you care about that (I don't).

DONUT: There's not much flavor here? The yeasty donut taste is definitely there, and it's pleasant. The glaze note is a bit more subtle. It is an authentic sugar / simple syrup taste, rather than a sucralose bomb. Going to let this one steep for a few weeks & see if the glaze flavor strengthens any. Not bad at all, just not "amazing".

SMORES: I mainly taste a light chocolate with a crumbly or dry taste of the graham. Not much marshmallow "fluff" here. I ran this after a tank of very sweet cinnamon liquid that I think has polluted my coil, so I feel like I'm honestly unable to give a full review on this flavor. Again, it's subtle, not loaded with flavor, as the name belies. Again, will steep this a few weeks to see if the flavors come out more.

About the seller: Prompt priority USPS shipping. My order arrived in a sturdy box with packing peanuts cradling the individually wrapped bottles. If you want to be 100% sure your juice arrives safely, this is the place to order from. The flat rate shipping fee is completely worth it, in my opinion. Also, the owner answered emails on early Sunday morning. That's dedication. I will be shopping here again.

Smooth and awesome

Smooth and awesome



Sold Out