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SMOK Replacement V8-T10 Coils  ejuice direct hardware accessories

SMOK - V8-T10 Coils

$ 18.99 $ 30.00

The V8-T10 Coils by SMOK are designed to be used for the SMOK TFV8 Sub-Ohm Tank only. The 0.15 ohms resistance is rated at a wattage output range of 50W to 260W and enables great tasting flavor and thick clouds of vapor as well.


The largest coil configuration available for the TFV8 Sub-Ohm Tank. With a wattage output range of 50W to 260W, you’re going to want a high-performance device capable of utilizing these atomizers to their full potential.

  • Coil Ohm - 0.12 ohms
  • Coil Material - Kanthal
  • Coil Build - Decuple (Ten)
  • Wick Hole - Quad
  • Wattage Range - 50W-260W
  • Pack Quantity - 3-Pack

SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Sub-Ohm Tank

  • Losing flavor or clouds? Time to change the coil.
  • Make sure the coil is compatible with your tank.
  • Coils have no set life span.
  • Keep the coil in its protective packaging until ready to use. 
  • Clean your tank when changing the coil to maximize flavor.
  • Don't over tighten the coil into the base.
  • Take your time priming the coil before use to avoid a dry hit.
  • Try different styles of coils (clapton, ceramic etc.) to customize flavor/clouds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
best price

best deal and price

Huge Clouds... At a cost

Great flavor profile
Huge Clouds
Minimal heating time required for full hits

Requires a Very solid Mod, 200W (2 battery 3000mah) will probably last you around 1.5-3 hours depending on use So I'd recommend using a 3 or 4 battery mod or having a stockpile of batteries to power this.
Fast burn rate, Keep your airflow low and/or your VG:PG ratio low to avoid burning these out quickly, use minimal duration per hit. The high coil heat rate gives very little time to allow juice to flow to the cotton, while the size required for each coil and separation means the amount of cotton wick is very small. If you aren't careful you can burn through these in a day, treated carefully they tend to last about 9 days.

Massive Clouds

WARNING: These coils will drain your batteries and drink your juice.
If you have a strong mod, multiple sets of high capacity batteries and don't mind blowing through juice then there is no other pre-made coil that I've tried that compares. Excellent flavor, and huge clouds.



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