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Taffy Man premium e juice

Taffy Man - 5-Pack

$ 150.00
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Get 60ml of each flavor for a total of 300ml of Taffy Man!

  • B1GAPL - A perfect balance of sweet and sour green apple taffy candy.
  • GR8APE - Experience a taste that'll make you think you're sinking your choppers into a massive slab of grape taffy.
  • H20BRY - A surge of watermelon with soft undertones of strawberry taffiness.
  • K3NANA - A banana kiwi taffy that will blow your socks off! 
  • TR4BLU - A blue raspberry taffy. Oh, it's on. 

VG/PG: 70/30


Taffy Man is the best taffy eJuice on the market! each flavor is is so close to the real thing it's like eating it.

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