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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Fall Favorites at eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

Fall Favorites at eJuice Direct

Fall Favorites at eJuice Direct

When you think of Halloween, you probably think about scary costumes and delicious confection treats like most others. When Halloween first started, people had the same idea, but they just forgot to include sweet treats in their festivities! 2000 years ago, the Celts would dress up in costumes made up of animal heads and animal skins, and would light a giant bonfire in an attempt to scare off any ghosts. Luckily, this is not the same Halloween we celebrate because some people might be too afraid to participate in the festivities if everyone still wore the same costumes as the Celts did. Halloween was not celebrated in America until European immigrants came over with their traditions. It started out as a day to honor the dead and tell ghost stories around a fire, which is very similar to the beginning of Halloween itself. Today, Halloween has turned into your dentist’s least favorite celebration! When Halloween first started, it was a very exclusive celebration where only some would participate in the activities. Since then, Halloween has turned into a fun day where communities come together for a night and forget about the truly scary stuff in their everyday lives. At eJuice Direct, we want to make Halloween inclusive by offering great deals to everyone in the vaping community. Here is a list of some of our guests’ fall favorite products, including some that are on sale this Halloween season!

Squeeze the Day

Nude e-Liquids come in 120mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength, perfect for sub-ohm vapers who enjoy fresh fruit flavors. While there are other tasty flavors, Nude offers the oh-so-sweet G.A.S., juicy K.R.B., and tropical S.C.P. as some of their more popular flavors. G.A.S. features a fusion of ripe guava, crisp apple, and succulent strawberry flavors. K.R.B. provides a bit of a kick of flavor, with tart kiwi and slightly sour raspberries biting your taste buds. For paradisiacal fruity flavors, S.C.P. offers plump strawberry, nutty coconut, and golden pineapple in every sweet puff. If these fruity flavors sound delicious, but you’re looking for a different fresh fruit flavor, then you’ll love to see our other fruit flavored e-Liquids!

Cake Back and Enjoy

The Nude Bakery collection is available in 120mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength, making it a perfect match for your sub-ohm tank. If you are someone who opts for cheesecake over any other dessert flavor, then boy, do we have something for you! The Nude Bakery has become famous for their Caramel Cheesecake and Strawberry Shortcake e-Liquids. Caramel Cheesecake generates a sticky caramel and savory cheesecake flavor on the inhale and is accompanied by crushed graham cracker crust flavor on the exhale. Strawberry Shortcake advertises itself because it tastes just like a moist strawberry shortcake that is topped with dripping whipped cream flavors. If you want to check out other dessert flavors, check out the rest of our collection of decadent e-Liquids!

Most Flavors Won’t Stack Up to These e-Liquids

Holy Cannoli provides 100mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength, great for vapers with a sub-ohm tank. If you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then you need to dive into the spectacular breakfast-inspired flavors of French Toast and Fruity Cereal. French Toast e-Liquid takes the famously-made French toast flavor and mixes it with finely-pulverized powdered sugar and warm maple syrup flavor. If you are looking for a fruit-filled dessert flavor, then Fruity Cereal takes the fruity, crunchy cereal flavor that you know and love and fuses it with a savory cannoli filled with cream flavor. If you’re craving more than just these breakfast flavors, browse through our other rich e-Liquids!

These Ones are Pretty A-glaze-ing

Do-nut be alarmed by how mouthwatering the Holy Cannoli Donut Series is! This decadent collection provides 100mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength of donut-inspired flavors, which pair perfectly with a sub-ohm tank. While their collection may not be very large, Glazed Donut from the Donut Series and Strawberry from the Donut Series make up for that! The Glazed Donut e-Liquid has mastered the flavor of that shiny, round breakfast delight that you’d eat until you passed out. If you aren’t a fan of the taste of an original glazed donut, then Strawberry e-Liquid takes the taste of sugary glaze and fuses it with juicy strawberry to create a pastry flavor like no other. If you prefer a more unique donut flavor than these two, find a different one that fits your tastes!

These Vape Juices are Tart-ally Tasty

Say goodbye to being sour about not being able to find the right vape juice for your sub-ohm device because Noms eJuice is here to stay! Noms eJuice e-Liquids come in 120mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength, so your trips to the vape shop won't be as frequent thanks to their larger bottle size. While they offer a wide array of flavors, Blunomenon Ice, Lemonomenon, and Phenomenon deserve the spotlight. Blunomenon Ice provides a soothing menthol flavor on the inhale and a friendly combination of ripe blueberry and tantalizing raspberry flavors with each exhale. Lemonomenon is no stranger to tartness because it is very similar to those lemon flavored confections that would make your lips pucker. Phenomenon is exactly how the name sounds, phenomenal. Phenomenon takes an assortment of fruit flavors and combines them with a sweet confection flavor for an always-changing taste as unique as any vaper’s palate. If these confection flavors sound right up your alley, you’ll love the other ones we have to offer!

Cherry-ish These Flavors

You’ll get goosebumps every time you fill up your sub-ohm tank with Noms X2 by Nomenon. Noms X2 by Nomenom e-Liquids come in 120mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine salt strength and provide a fruity flavored punch in each puff. While they offer many different great flavors, Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin from Noms X2 and Strawberry Papaya Blueberry from Noms X2 are co-winners for their best vape juices. Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin from Noms X2 takes the juicy flavors of refreshing cactus, tropical jackfruit, and sweetly satisfying mandarin oranges. Strawberry Papaya Blueberry, on the other hand, takes familiar locally grown fruit flavors and creates greatness for a fusion of freshly picked strawberries, succulent papayas, and firm blueberries. Luckily, all of these flavors and more are offered in a nicotine salt formula, which can all be found in our Nomenon Salts collection. They offer 30mL bottles at 24mg and 48mg nicotine salt strength, perfect for a low-wattage device!

Satisfy Your Love for (Nic) Salts Wherever You Are

If higher-maintenance devices aren’t your thing, then disposable vape pens are just what you need! We have a variety of disposable vapes to fit any vaper’s preferences for approximate puff counts, non-refillable pod size, internal battery size, and best of all, tasty flavors. One of the newest disposable brands we carry is I Love Salts Synthetic disposable vape pens. These convenient disposables offer about 2200 puffs at 50mg synthetic nicotine salt strength, utilize a 5.5mL pod that never has to be refilled, and are powered by an integrated 1000mAh battery that doesn’t have to be recharged. The use of synthetic nicotine salt in the formula allows for each flavor to really shine, providing you with a purer, smoother taste in every puff. These no-hassle devices come in a range of flavors to satisfy whatever cravings you may have, such as the tropical Blue Strawberry, crisp Juicy Apples, and tart Pink Lemonade. Invigorating Spearmint is perfect for classic mint flavor fans, while Sweet Tobacco, as the name implies, offers bold tobacco with a touch of sweetness flavor. If these flavors aren’t your thing, there are still several other delicious flavors available from I Love Salts Synthetic!

Sweeten Your Day On the Go

Along with I Love Salts Synthetic disposables, another great collection is the Vaptio Beco Mesh disposable vape pens. Similar to the brand mentioned above, these ultra portable devices come with around 2200 puffs at 50mg nicotine salt strength, use a non-refillable 5.5mL pod, and run on a non-rechargeable 1000mAh battery. There are plenty of mouthwatering Vaptio Beco Mesh disposable vape flavors, but popular ones include the juicy Honeydew Punch, creamy Strawberry Banana, and tropical Sunset Cocktail. Since this no-maintenance device never has to be kept up with, all you have to do is enjoy the delicious flavor wherever you are!

Refreshingly Portable

Another Vaptio disposable collection, Vaptio Beco XL disposable vape pens contain up to 550 puffs at 50mg nicotine salt strength, have a 2mL pod that doesn’t have to be refilled, and are powered by a 400mAh battery that never has to be recharged. Since these hassle-free disposables come with a lower estimated puff count than the Vaptio Beco Mesh disposable vapes, they’re perfect for vapers who want to try a new, tasty flavor or see if they prefer disposables over a box mod or pod system. Like other Vaptio collections, Vaptio Beco XL disposable vape pens range in delicious flavors, such as sweetly cool Banana Ice, plump Blueberry Raspberry, and icy golden Mango Ice. These are just a few of the many flavors available, so if you’re in the mood for a different flavor, then check out the rest of this collection!

You Won't Have To Guess So when Buying a Vaporesso Product

At eJuice Direct, we take our time with doing thorough research on each product, especially for hardware. However, as one of the industry-leading brands, Vaporesso has proven time and again that their products are great for vape users of any experience level. One new arrival is the Vaporesso XROS MINI Kit, a pod system that features a premium diamond pattern for a prestigious look and a non-slip grip. This low-maintenance device is great for vapers who prefer a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping experience since the 2mL drip tip mouthpiece on the XROS pod allows for more user-friendly MTL puffs. While this pod system is more stylized for MTL vape users, the Vaporesso LUXE PM40 allows for a bit more freedom in customizing your vaping experience. This low-wattage device has ECO and Pulse Mode with Turbo Boost Technology for better flavor and huge clouds thanks to the rechargeable 1800mAh battery and 4mL pod. The PM40 pod works great with nicotine salts using the GTX Coil Series, including GTX, GTX Mesh, and GTX-2 Mesh coils. This kit includes GTX-2 Mesh Coils, though they can also be used with Target PM series devices and conveniently come in a 5-pack to easily stock up on.

Don’t Mist Out on These SMOK Products

Another industry-leading brand, SMOK also has released a wide variety of premium hardware products. The SMOK IPX 80 Pod Mod Kit, for example, comes with an IP-67 Rating for being Tri-proof, or able to withstand water splashes, dust, shaking, and unexpected drops, a vibrant 0.96” TFT Color Display Screen, a long-lasting 3000mAh battery, uses 5.5mL RPM 2 pods, and takes RPM 2 coils. This pod mod, clearly, has it all. If a more powerful device is what you need, then the SMOK Morph 2 Kit is for you! This all-day vaping device utilizes dual 18650 batteries (sold separately) to power the intelligent IQ-S Chipset for Power Mode and Temperature Control (TC) Mode, a bright 0.96” TFT-LCD Display Screen, and the durable 7.5mL TFV18 Sub-ohm Tank. This kit even comes with two Meshed TFV18 coils, which heat quickly for stronger flavor and larger clouds due to their mesh build. While full kits are great, SMOK also offers a variety of replacement coils for their devices, including a 5-pack of the LP1 Coils for the NOVO 4. These coils are constructed with ferrochromium (FeCr) and three silicone rings for a stronger, more leak-proof design. As you can see, SMOK offers a range of vape kits and any necessary accessories, so it’s definitely worth your time to check all of them out and upgrade your vaping game! If something mentioned above doesn’t catch your eye, then we have way more products and brands at eJuice Direct that you can browse through! We always offer affordable prices for our guests on the high-quality products we carry. For this spooky season, we are offering a fantastic deal: every product on our site is 20% off using the code

SPOOKYVAPE from 10/25 to 11/1 at 12 PM CST. However, the brands mentioned above are 31% off for 24 hours, one brand for each of these days, though this automatic discount CANNOT be combined with the overall sale’s coupon code. Seeing all of these great deals is super exciting, but they’re only available for a limited time, so treat yourself this Halloween at eJuice Direct!

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