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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
7/11 Slushy Day BOGO: The King of Slushy Flavors?

7/11 Slushy Day BOGO: The King of Slushy Flavors?

From ancient times to the modern-day, many countries have enjoyed centuries of peace and prosperity under the rule of benevolent monarchies. Today in the United States, while we don’t have a ruling monarch, we have Kings and Queens galore. From the Burger King to the Dairy Queen and beyond, it seems that every industry has many contenders claiming to be #1, and the e-Liquid industry is no different. But, what is it about a brand or collection like Keep It 100 that makes it the king? This 7/11 Day, eJuice Direct we have embarked on a mission to figure out exactly that.

In 2014, vape juice manufacturer Liquid Labs was established and launched its first small collection of five delicious e-Liquid flavors, which were happily received by the vaping community. They took the industry by storm, implementing innovative techniques like being one of the first brands to introduce 100ml unicorn bottles, earning a reputation for producing quality products at reasonable prices. Since the successful launch of the original five flavors, Liquid Labs has listened closely to customer feedback and has capitalized on their prosperity and popularity by developing additional flavors inspired by the original lineup. The incredible success of the original Blue Slushie e-Liquid flavor, for example, has given way to an entire collection of slushy-themed vape juices- and as of this writing, Liquid Labs remains the only manufacturer to have done so.

The question remains: does Liquid Labs’ pedigree make them King of the Slushy? This 7/11 Day, we’ll take a quick glance at Liquid Lab’s Keep It 100 slushy-themed products, but the only way to know for sure will be to take advantage of eJuice Direct’s 7011 Day BOGO Sale and find out for yourself!

Blue Slushie: Blue Slushie e-Liquid is the one that started it all for Keep It 100’s slushy line. Its icy blue razz flavor with a sweet touch of strawberry won the hearts of vape fans forever back in 2014, and is still winning over verified buyers today, like Tanya’s “first time buying this flavor. Currently vaping it and gotta say...great flavor, just like the slushie from the store!” But does this OG blue razz delight make Keep It 100 the overall Slushy King?

Blue Slushie Lemonade: The refreshingly tart taste of lemonade complements tangy et sweet blue razz slushy quite, and was a natural next step in Keep It 100’s Blue Slushie e-Liquid evolution. A “nice sweet blue raspberry lead with a mellow tart lemonade finish, and nice all day vape,” in verified buyer Jonathan B.’s opinion, we think Blue Slushie Lemonade e-Liquid makes an excellent addition to the Keep It 100 family. Do you agree?

Blue Slushie Iced: A smooth menthol blast is an excellent way to enhance a blue razz slushy vape juice flavor, and is especially successful with the original Keep It 100 Blue Slushie formula. We agree with verified buyer Michael C. that Blue Slushie Iced has “a delicious taste that vapes very smooth. I think you’ll like it. But, don’t believe me. Ya gotta try it…” Are you up for the challenge?

Blue Slushie Tropical: Slushies are the ultimate poolside, beachside, inside, or outside summer treat, and it was only a matter of time until Keep It 100 gave this summer delight a tropical upgrade. The OG Blue Slushie flavor shines bright with a tropical fruit finish so good, verified buyers like Travis J. can’t stop coming back for more. “Best ejuice I’ve ever purchased,” writes Travis J. “Will be buying again.” But is Blue Slushie Tropical e-juice royally delicious?

You can’t vote for a King or Queen, but this 7/11 Day, you have the chance to let us know if Keep It 100 reigns supreme. Is there a Blue Slushie that gives them an edge? Is it the collection as a whole? Or is another brand the rightful heir to the Slushy King throne? Take advantage of our one-day 7/11 BOGO and share your thoughts on our Instagram @eJuiceDirect, our Facebook page, or leave us a product review.

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