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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
An in depth customer review of Suicide Bunny's premium ejuice line - eJuiceDirect

An in depth customer review of Suicide Bunny's premium ejuice line

Mother's Milk, my ADV! (as written by DzyDzyDino)

I've tried all the juices and Mother's Milk is by far my favorite of the line. They all have a similar creamy/custardy base and then kind of blend flavors to do their thing with it.

Madrina tastes like Watermelon Candy. Not quite a Watermelon Jolly rancher, but not an overly sweet watermelon candy. Kind of like those Mexican watermelon lollipops that have the chili powder on the outside, minus the chili powder. And then it finishes off with the cream base.

Sucker Punch actually blends well with the cream base. It's not exactly dragon fruit which it says to be, but it's kind of this unidentifiable fruit blend that mixes really well with the cream. You could imagine it as a kind of cupcake or something like that. It's a little out of the ordinary and is something I like on my palette every now and then.

Derailed kind of disappointed me. I was hoping for churros and cookies. The cinnamon is more of a cinnamon stick/red jelly bean cinnamon. It's spicy and kind of nutmeggy and not so desserty.

The O.B. -- I haven't really found a cake flavor that tastes like Cake yet, and this still has that kind of peppery not quite tone. I don't know if it was my bottle or not but mine tastes nothing like the description.

And Mother's Milk, my absolute fave. This is the perfect complement to Suicide Bunny's cream/custard base. A light berry/strawberry custard. Almost like vaping strawberry yogurt. Not a fruity, quenching strawberry, but a thick luxurious one. Not too sweet but very flavorful.

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