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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Ayokay - More than just A-OK

Ayokay - More than just A-OK

Ayokay is a brand new 3 bottle line from the twisted minds over at Taffy Man. Which can only mean one thing – it’s going to be sweet and it’s going to be good. I have been a long-time fan of the brand and was very excited to see this line come across my desk. Ayokay takes the best candy flavors and mixes them up with fruit for a whole new experience. With names like “Grape and Vine” and “Gummydew”, you know you’re getting into something that will be a super fresh mix.

The packaging stands out with its black 60ml boxes in with a variety of bright neon colors. a hand showing the “A-OK” symbol holding a round candy that matches the profile of the juice. turn the box and you get some fun polka dot pattern with the Ayokay logo. Turn it again and you get the warnings, and on the last side is the nicotine level in a big ol’ bold font. The bottles take the box design and wrap it around. Only 2 of the 3 are black bottles, the other one is clear – reasons for this are unknown, but the juice is still just as good.

Garden and Vine

A fusion of grape and strawberry. Kind of a strange combo in theory, but hey, let’s get weird. The smell is predominantly strawberry, with just a hint of grape candy underneath. Not like the grape drink smells you get off of so many grape juices nowadays – this is definitely a sweet grape. Off the finger you get the grape on the back, but strawberry is definitely king in this mix. Vaping it was a treat – a new type of flavor combination we have yet to see: strawberry and grape jelly. It sounds odd, but it was absolutely delicious.

Granny Razz

Claimed to be a mix of Sour Granny Smith Apple and Raspberry candy, the smell hits that description to a tee. Lots of sour apple with a slight raspberry backing to smooth out the scent. Being that this one was the only clear bottle of the 3, I was able to see that the liquid is crystal clear – no sweeter overload here. the first hit really smacks your taste buds with a sour apple flavor, just like the smell. The raspberry lingers in the middle of your pull to the end. It’s a very clean blend that I feel is spot on to the profile, definitely worth trying if you’re a fan of strong fruit flavors.


Holy honeydew! Remember Dewwy Boba? This is that, but even better! One of the cleanest honeydew vapes I have ever had. It’s so simple, yet so very enjoyable – a vape that I could not put it down. It reminds me a lot of the melon gummy candies from china town. its 100% an uber-refreshing honeydew candy!

Overall AYOKAY is a great 3 bottle line for someone looking to mix up their flavors with different takes on traditional sweet fruits. The nicotine hit is clean and enjoyable, and I was able to swap back and forth on the same cotton with ease. To top it all off, very little (if any) sweetener is used in the flavors, keeping your vapes fresh and your coils gunk-free.

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