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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Bad Salt

Bad Salt

Bad Salt comes from the makers of Bad Drip Labs. Bad Drip knows that you want to have a good day and so they have devised a way to make that happen. Each of their bottles of premium eliquid comes in a medicine bottle. These eJuices are designed to make you feel better. Nic Salt might just be your ticket to that better day. If that is the case, then Bad Salt could be your medicine. It’ll fix you right up.

Bad Blood, yea. That is what we need. We need us some Bad blood. Inside our body, it’s blue color and so there are some crystalline blueberries. For the red, there is the dripping red juice of a pomegranate. Put vanilla with these two fruits and you’ve made yourself the tastiest Bad Blood on the planet. Unless of course, you happen to be a vampire and then all bets are off.

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Cereal Trip helps us trip in a whole new way. It’s a loopy journey down cereal lane with some round fruity cereal covering a glazed donut. Now that’s beyond crazy. But, heck, we’ll take it every time.

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Don’t Care Bear is right! We don’t care. We just want to get us some gummy bear candy vapes. We’re in love with fruity flavors too. So logically we went and added some of our favorites together. We Don’t Care Bear anymore and neither does Bad Salt. It’s each to his own is the rule. Peaches, pears and melons are all together with this gummy candy vape.

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Farley’s Gnarly Sauce is the gum you can sink into and feel all gnarly with. Ok? Is that a thing? Don’t know if it was before but it is now. So to get Farley’s Gnarly Sauce just right you have to be poppin’ it. Gum that is. This sweet kiwi strawberry bubblegum is just right for all day vaping.

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Ugly Butter is well…ugly. But do we care? Not on your life do we. We love getting down and dirty with Ugly Butter. This fried dough is all that and more. It has banana pudding in it and then it’s dusted with cinnamon sugar. Yea, we’re diggin’ it. We think you will too.

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So why not get your fix and get yourself some medicine from the good doctors? at Bad Drip Labs with their collection, Bad Salt.

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