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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Bringing A Fruit Basket For The Labor Day Cookout!

Bringing A Fruit Basket For The Labor Day Cookout!

The picnic table is a staple of any proper Labor Day gathering. Be it a grill-out or proper barbecue with the hog smoking all day, your gathering just doesn’t seem complete without the risk of sunburn on skin not properly covered for the long day in the sun or the near-endless selection of fruits to snack on and garnish your Styrofoam plate with. And more often than not, there’s a basket or tray piled high with fresh picked fruits waiting to be devoured.

Although our Labor Day Vape Sale is already well under way, you still have until the end of the day Monday, September 2nd at 11:59pm CST to save that 25% off with code LABORDAY25 at checkout. Let me take you down a fruit-filled e-Liquid stroll through the groves, fields, and forests of juicy flavor to accompany whatever your Labor Day plans may be. You just may find something you had never considered trying before.

Pachamama Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine: Just like those ripe-as-all-get-out strawberries that you’ll load up on before the main course, this vape juice is silky smooth with flavor notes of crisp Fuji Apple dancing across your tongue. We don’t even need to include what our current customers are already saying because it’s that good. You’ll be delightfully surprised too when you exhale and catch tones of sweet nectarine swirling through that peachy cloud. Resisting the urge to pick up this Pachamama e-juice is no easy feat.

Fruit Monster Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate: Maybe you’re one of those types of people who prefer your drinks pulverized and blended. Maybe you even bring the blender with you because you know there’ll be an electric hook-up. Add to that the enjoyment of a sour shock in your smoothie and suddenly you won’t be a picky eater when it comes to gobbling up this huge pomegranate and kiwi kick for an exotic zest. This smoothie vape will ensure you get that and then some when you exhale and taste the strawberries you threw in the blender. This blend by Jam Monster eJuice knows just how to make the good stuff go down.

NUDE G.A.S: Now you’re back at the picnic table for another fruit. You’ve already had your fill of the more exotic selections and want to round out the flavor experience with some fresh cut apples and another helping of strawberries. You inhale the sweet aroma of crisp fruit. When you exhale, your eyes swirl for the sweet guava sitting next to them and can taste the sweetness in the last bits of the cloud you’re chasing. Nothing tastes more like unrestrained and raw power as this NUDE eJuice does.

Naked 100 Lava Flow: Make your Labor day party a destination location extravaganza at your friend’s private island for this tropically fruity vape juice. He has his own groves of fruit growing where he picked the pineapples that were fresh cut, the strawberries freshly picked, and the coconuts that you barely avoided getting hit by when you stepped off the private dock. Although they almost took you out, you don’t mind. You still pick them up, crack them open, and add them to the fruit smorgasbord that’s sitting in front of you. That’s the feeling you’ll get with this tropical Naked 100 eJuice without the hazards of private island life.

Ice Monster Salt Mangerine Guava: Adding to the arctic kick of your mango island Labor Day experience with smooth salt nic inhale, there’s a possibility you’d enjoy some other fruit friends on that adventure. By adding tangerine and guava to the picnic table, the guests will definitely feel like they’re on an island without ever leaving the neighborhood park or your buddy’s backyard. Succulent guava and mango vape juice flavors present themselves on the inhale and get chased in the cloud with an icy wind to boot when exhaling. This menthol laden Jam Monster eJuice does all the party hype for you.

NUDE Ice A.P.K: Now let’s say again that you prefer your fruit with a crunch, be it from ripe and thick apples that give a distinct crunch when you bite into them or a sweet green pear that bursts with juiciness. Now take both of those fruits, mix them together, throw a kiwi in for good measure, and then throw it in the freezer. When you pull these bad boys back out and breath deep, your mouth will feel a distinct cold rush. Your guests at the cookout will gobble them up quick, so you better enjoy the aroma of this NUDE eJuice before it’s gone.

Pachamama Salts Icy Mango: There’s no denying everyone loves a succulent bite of a crisp, fresh cut delight from the tropics. Add in an icy, crisp menthol kick and you truly have a fruity treat with a chilled refinement. Who knows, maybe you’re enjoying your Labor Day gathering on an island too. Mango is the perfect fruit to enjoy beautiful and sunny weather, all while keeping relaxed with nicotine salts for an even smoother experience. It’s hard to go wrong with a Pachamama e-juice.

NKD100 Salt Polar Breeze: By this point at the picnic or cookout, you’ve surely noticed one of the most popular types of fruit missing from the checkered-cloth covered table. Melons! Those pineapples you’ve been chowing down on are hitting your sweet tooth just fine enough, but when you throw in frozen honeydew and cantaloupes, the guests are blown away in a chilled polar breeze for the hot September weather. When you add nicotine salts to the experience, you get a fruity inhale and brisk exhale that’s smooth throughout from start to finish of this Naked 100 eJuice.

Chances are that the picnic table is stuffed full of other fruits that weren’t mentioned here, but that’s okay. Nothing gets left out, because eJuice Direct has you covered if you’re still searching for some new fruit vapes to try out this Labor Day. By using code LABORDAY25 at checkout, you can save 25% off each blend in your basket until Monday night. I want to thank you for joining me on this stroll through the gardens. Up next, we’ll be pairing dessert vapes to the actual dessert table.

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