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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Charlie's Chalk Dust - Black Label

Charlie's Chalk Dust - Black Label

Charlie’s Chalk Dust has been around for some time now. Straight out of sunny Orange County, I would argue that they are one of the biggest hitters in the industry, even shouldering up to brands like Ruthless and Cuttwood. The entire line is definitely a big one – 10 flavored in total.. To make this a bit easier for us to process, Charlie’s has broken it down into two sub-lines: the white label and the black label lines, along with their newest kick ass flavor, C3D.

The entire line is very recognizable, with bold blocky lettering combined with stylistic fonts to create an interesting visual blend. The Bottles also pop with either a white or black powder coat that makes for a clean, sleek look. Each of the brand names are adorned with a design that add to the playful yet mature design of the brand. C3D, the new kid on the block, does come in a box which falls in line with most current lines that use boxes for increased shelf exposure. Over all the whole brand is very attractive and the liquid inside stands up to the high class packaging!

The Charlie’s line has so many different, unique flavors that we will be covering the line both this week and next with two unique posts – we will cover the black line this week, then come back next week with the white line and C3D.

Head Bangin Boogie

The profile calls it a blueberry popsicle, and boy did they hit this one on the head. Even before you open the bottle it has a great blueberry aroma. Not too sweet, yet full of blueberry character. It vapes even better – you get a nice bold blueberry with just the right hit of sweetness. Not extra flavors are needed. If you’re a blueberry fan and like popsicles (does anyone not?) this is a great option.

Slam Berry

No line up is complete without a strawberry flavor nowadays, a trend that Charlie’s arguably helped start when this flavor originally hit the shelves. Slam berry is a strawberry ice cream with a heavy emphasis on the strawberry instead of the ice cream like we see often nowadays. It vapes exactly how it smells, wonderfully: a bold strawberry with a nice soft cream finish. You know it, you love it!

Dream Cream

Boy is this a nice creamy vape! Immediately apparent when you smell the bottle a nice vanilla with a slight trace of chocolate. This is a creamy vape lover’s delight! Nice rich vanilla with a soft chocolate end. Do not let the cinnamon scare you off as it is very very subtle! This is a rich flavor that does not overpower your taste buds, definitely worthy of the Dream Cream name.

Trueberry Sugar & Knife

Why are there not more good pancake vape flavors on the market? Want to have pancakes every day? Of course you do, and Trueberry Sugar & Knife is perfect for you. The smell off the bottle has a nice blackberry and maple tone. On the inhale is a nice pancake-esque flavor, followed by the blackberry in the middle and a nice soft maple syrup finish. This is what you look forward to on Sunday brunch!

Peanut Butter and Jesus

And we save my top pick for last – PEANUT BUTTER AND JESUS (how can you not like it just based on the name?)! We all ate PB&J sandwiches as kids weather we liked ‘em or not, and if you did, this vape is right up your alley. It is exactly what it sounds like – a spot on peanut butter and jelly sandwich. From the smell of the bottle to the first draw its 100% spot on PB&J. This is a must try!

The Black Line is a well rounded 5 bottle line that sets the bar high for clean flavors and some new ADV options. We have a page set up just for the black line, so if any of these flavors sounded interesting to you head on over to our Charlie’s Chalk Dust Black Label page and pick some up for yourself. And remember, we’ll be reviewing the white line and C3D next week, so stay tuned!

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