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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Charlie's Chalk Dust - White Label

Charlie's Chalk Dust - White Label

Last week we covered the entire Charlie’s Chalk Dust black label line, and this week we are back to do the other half. The black line’s flavors are more grounded in reality, with old standby’s like strawberry and blueberry flavors. The white line’s flavors are a bit more esoteric, but just as delicious. Definitely pick a flavor from the white label line to try out if you are looking for a new type of flavor to add to your collection. We are also going to be covering Charlie’s new flavor, C3D, a delicious caramel ice cream.

Honey Badger

This is definitely a honey tobacco. The bottle has a pronounced honey smell that makes you wonder if there’s any tobacco or cream in the bottle (there is, don’t worry). This is far from a true tobacco but a great blend that is not too overpowering for someone looking to venture into more robust flavors. I feel that the cream hides on the exhale and rounds out the profile a bit. Honey Badger shows you the real depth that Charlie’s can provide. Also, this flavor loves the heat from a good hot build, so turn up those watts!

Mustache Milk

The first whiff of mustache milk leaves you wondering what you got yourself into. They call it a savory cereal soaked in something sweet. You definitely get the sweet note, not a candy sweet but a fresh box of Trix sweet. It’s different, although in this case different is good. The juice selection on the market has been flooded with cereal flavors lately that are very good, but a bit generic. This juice definitely bucks that trend.

Wonder Worm

This is a FANTASTIC sweet and sour candy vape. It smells like the bottle is packed with sour gummy worms. It comes on sweet and has a nice sour candy finish. The best part of Wonder Worm is that it is very balanced. You don’t get too much of either that would throw off the taste. If candy is your style don’t hesitate on trying this one!

Drama Swirl

This is Charlie’s take on a donut flavor. It has a nice pastry smell off the bottle. When vaped the apricot showed itself in the middle of the hit, with the donut profile present from start to finish. This led me to try it on another lower temp device to see if it would bring out more of the fruit note. I loaded my Hurricane and the fruit popped right out. It was a nice natural sweetness that replaces a traditional sugary glaze that other donut flavors use. It’s not super “in your face” but add a nice touch in the body of the flavor. I still liked it as a donut on a nice warm build, but the flavor really pops on a cooler build.

C3D – A One of a Kind Flavor that will Blow your Mind

The newest flavor to the CCD line up that stands outside of the black and white lines. A sea salt caramel ice cream. This is absolutely delicious! The smell is such a mix you can not really tell what you are about to try but once you take that puff it hits you. The caramel ice cream pairs fantastically. The sea salt gives it almost a pretzel taste. If it were up to me I would have called this a White chocolate and caramel dipped pretzel. It definitely nothing like you have tried before!

Charlie’s Chalk Dust has without a doubt a killer line up. They have a little something for everyone – the black line for the more down to earth, and the white line for the more esoteric among us. We have both lines ready to go here at eJuice Direct, so head on over to our Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label or Black Label page to try some out.

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