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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
EZO E-Liquid

EZO E-Liquid

Are you ready for new flavors to add to your flavor arsenal? That is what EZO E-Liquid has to bring to you today. These wonderful two eJuices are power packed with exploding good flavor and O-Power. That’s right! You get flavor and large clouds that are perfect for blowing O’s in the wind.

Team Liquid is blue crush lemonade. If you are a seeker of tart storm clouds, you might have just found the storm you were chasing, right here! Get set for a whirlwind ride on the ocean waves as blueberries with their sweet yet tangy taste gives you your first warning of the impending storm. Then suddenly the big wind blows in with sour lemonade. Be careful not to let the strong taste capsize you. Become master of the storm and snap a selfie with that giant funnel cloud. You have now become one with Team Liquid. You are the storm.

Team Volt is an electric sucker punch. As the sky turns colors warning of an impending storm, you know that no matter what, it was meant to be. So you stand outside and demand of the ancient gods that they do their worst. Like something of old, a bolt of lightning thunders from the sky and enters your body. You are now one with Team Volt. You are a storm cloud of pineapples, kiwi and so many berries even the demi-god of vape that you are, you don’t know how many. It doesn’t seem to matter as you answer back to the gods that you will soon be joining them. But first, you must fill all the world with aromatic fruit clouds. Perhaps if you puff enough of them you can carry everyone up to Mount Olympus with you.

Now back to reality. Ok, you’re right. Why would we want to do that? But what about when reality is just as much fun as fiction? Can we do reality then? Let’s try.

So… for the vaper, there are a few things that stand out over other lifestyle choices. One is getting a great taste and having a myriad of flavors to choose from. Then there is the simple down to earth fun of vaping that the alternative just doesn’t present. Nothing is more fun and enjoyable that blowing a great big giant cloud of smoke into the air. It’s the equivalent of making bubbles. Only these smoke rings and bubbles smell like, Awesome! EZO E-Liquid has decided to give the vaper a little something extra with their line. They give the vaper a specially designed box that comes in two pieces. This box is a magic vape trick show. It has holes in strategic places that make all sorts of super cool tricks.

Really, EZO E-Liquid is great fun. Get yours today and enjoy the new flavors of Team Liquid and Team Volt while making the best O’s on the planet, or perhaps in the heavens too!

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