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[Father's Days] Dessert Roundup

[Father's Days] Dessert Roundup

The big day is finally here, and if you haven’t picked up this year’s outstanding Father’s Day gift, there’s still enough time to snag something sweet and thoughtful and show dad how much you appreciate him. Throughout this week, we have featured various menthol, tobacco, fruity beverage, and breakfast themed lineups that are delicious options often overlooked on eJuice Direct. To remind dad how extraordinary he is on this special day, today’s list highlights exceptional dessert e-Liquid flavors that are just as sweet as he is. If your dad has a sweet tooth the size of Texas and keeps a secret stash of sugary sweets at all times, we created this list with him in mind. We’ve gone off the beaten path to create a collection of delicious e-juice both you and dad may have never tried before, and with prices like these, you can afford to gift a set to your dad and one to yourself. Today, we have selected:

For the dad who indulges on homemade treats - Batter’d Blackberry by OPMH: We know that sometimes dessert flavors turn out too sweet, gunking up coils and burning out quicker than their more savory e-juice counterparts, but if this issue has kept you or your dad from trying out other sweet e-Liquids, consider testing out OPMH’s Batter’d Blackberry vape juice. We specifically made Batter’d Blackberry our first choice because of its approachability as a dessert flavor- creamy sweet pound cake is perfectly balanced with fresh tart blackberry glaze in this flavor profile so good, we wish we could actually eat it. This is an especially great option for anyone who checked out our previous list of fruity beverage e-juices and found themselves wishing for a tangier option.

For backyard camping dads, mountain climbing dads, and every dad in between - Charlie’s Chalk Dust “Outdoors and S’mores”: Summertime is just about here, and that means campfires with friends and family to enjoy sing-a-longs, scary stories, and most importantly, snacks. Everyone loves a perfect s’mores with toasted gooey marshmallow melting milk chocolate between two crispy golden graham crackers for a perfect bite every time. We love Charlie’s Chalk Dust‘s Outdoors and S’mores, our second pick, because we can skip the mess and get right to the delicious flavor of this awesome summer dessert. Verified buyer Jack describes himself “as someone who usually would rather stick to fruity or minty flavors,” but goes on to say Outdoors and S’mores “is surprisingly great! "I can taste strong hints of hazelnut and sweet marshmallow. It definitely reminds me of S’mores. This vape will go great with my morning coffee!” Another verified buyer, Martin D., adds “I really liked it. Undertones of chocolate with a light marshmallow and nutiness combined. Not super sweet, flavors are subtle which makes this my current ADV.” If your dad loves sweet options but isn’t a fan of the many fruit type e-liquids, Outdoors and S’mores is a fantastic choice.

For the dad who rocks a cowboy hat - Country Clouds E-Liquids “Corn Bread Puddin’”: We had mixed feelings about putting Country Clouds E-Liquids Corn Bread Puddin’ on this list, but only because we are sad to see this unusual and delicious flavor leave our shelves for good. With additional savings on closeout prices, this is by far the best deal in our collection today. Like verified buyer Matt R., this is one of our “favorite all day vapes,” and we will sincerely miss Corn Bread Puddin’s unique flavor profile of sweet corn bread, baked with vanilla cream and drizzled with notes of maple syrup. Verified buyer Kelly W. echoed our thoughts in her recent review, remarking “it's really a tragedy that this juice is on close out. I've vaped about 6 bottles of this flavor and I would continue buying it if it was still kept in stock. It really does taste like sweet corn and bakery and it doesn't clog up my coils.” Dads who grew up on sweet tea and sweet potato pie will appreciate the country style of this delicious e-Liquid flavor. Corn Bread Puddin’ won’t last long, so go ahead and treat dad to something special this Father’s Day for savings you’ll both appreciate.

For the foodie dad who enjoys exotic flavors- Yami Vapor’s “Taruto”: We threw a wildcard dessert flavor into this list as our fourth option. Yami Vapor’s Taruto not necessarily the first classic dessert that comes to mind, but we are blown away by the quality and depth of this custard flavor profile. Taruto is a spot-on recreation of the popular dessert Portuguese Egg Tart, or Dan Ta, which is popular in Europe and Asia. Our verified buyers love this juice, which is one of the more popularly reviewed ones on eJuice Direct. Says Kevin H, “I would buy this juice by the 18 wheeler if I had that much money,absolutely my favorite juice of all time.” While it’s easy to simply describe Taruto as a creamy custard, it’s difficult to describe the subtle nuances of it’s decadent flavors. Verified buyer Ben C. does a pretty good job of capturing Taruto’s taste, detailing “ when I think of custard, this is flavor profile I imagine in my mind - and the most accurate. By Egg Tart - they mean a sweet, bakery flavor, with a custard base that is true to form - a light sweetness that comes from egg based custards. It has to be tried to understand. If you love custards, this one is a must buy.” Dads who have found other sweet options, like caramel, to be too overpowering will definitely want to give Taruto a whirl.

For the dads that cook comfort food on cold winter nights- Johnny Apple Vape’s “Apple Bread Pudding”: When we sat down to create these Father’s Day highlight reels, we relied heavily on customer feedback to be sure we chose the options our valued customers would like to see most. When verified buyer David A. described Johnny Apple Vape’s Apple Bread Pudding as “one of the best dessert flavors I’ve had, hands down highly recommend to anyone that likes dessert flavors,” we knew we had found choice number four for today’s lineup. Although apple is a commonly found e-juice flavor, Apple Bread Pudding elevates fruit to the next level by expertly balancing the tartness of the apple with the decadent sweetness of soft bread pudding notes and a vanilla drizzle on the finish. Says Samantha A., another verified eJuice Direct buyer, “I love this juice! The taste has a great apple flavor. It is always smooth and satisfying. I like to use it as a break from my other juices.” We agree with Samantha A., and recommend Apple Bread Pudding for any dad who has been searching for his next all day vape.

For the dad who doesn’t like chocolate- Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s “Mr. Meringue”: Shocking as it is, there are, in fact, some people out there that don’t enjoy chocolate desserts. For those (possibly crazy) dads, we’ve decided to add Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s Mr. Meringue as our last selection, an e-juice verified buyer Adam T. says he has to “always have a bottle of this on hand. It's simply the best juice I've tried. I never get tired of it. And when I use it on a fresh set of wicks with clean coils, I can't help but chain vape until I'm halfway through the bottle. Amazingly good juice.” While we’ve included a few other chocolate-less options on today’s list, Mr. Meringue is the best choice for dads who find chocolates, creams, or other popular dessert flavors as too heavy or sweet. With clean and light lemon flavor paired with airy crisp meringue and buttery crust, Mr. Meringue has a popular following on eJuice Direct and is the favorite flavor of many verified buyers, like Eyad H., who shares “Mr merengue has been my favorite juice for over a year. It’s a great all day vape and the flavor profile is spot on. If you like lemon meringue pie, I would grab a bottle ASAP!

Our Father’s Day weekend sale is coming to a close tomorrow with one final lineup so stay tuned and check back- if you’ve been waiting for disposable e-cigarette systems to hit the spotlight, you won’t want to miss this. Remember, with 25% off all vape juices, nicotine salts, and disposable pod systems for one more day, now’s the time to stock up and save.

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