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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Fourth of July Sale: Electrify The Holiday!

Fourth of July Sale: Electrify The Holiday!

Electrify your Fourth of July with marvelous savings on a variety of vape device chargers that will keep you vaping all night long. Delicious vape juice and an awesome mod or refillable pod system won’t do you any good with a set of dead batteries, so this holiday season, we are extending an additional 10% savings on our already competitive pricing. Celebrate this Fourth of July and keep your vaping device lit up bright all weekend long by visiting eJuice Direct. From now until July 8, you can save a further! 10% at checkout on:

Golisi O4 Battery Charger: Quit lugging around a power bank for good with the Golisi O4 Battery Charger. With a simple, buttonless design and fireproof ABS+PC material construction featuring military grade stainless steel springs and contact plates, this is one of the safest and easiest chargers available for rechargeable batteries today. The O4 Battery Charger features four charging bays that charge almost any cylindrically shaped battery from 30mm to 70mm , and includes a 2A slot for lightning fast charging. With dynamic current distribution technology, automatic smart temperature regulation and protection, and reverse polarity prevention, there’s no more room for safety features in this charger that “works great and doesn’t take up much room,” according to verified buyer Raydavid R. Batteries fully charged? Use the built-in USB port and the O4 Battery Charger becomes a versatile power bank.

Golisi S2 Vape Battery Charger: Golisi’s S2 Vape Battery Charger takes all of the amenities of the O4 Charger and takes them to the next level. With its bright and easy-to-read display, the S2 charges two batteries at once but with an important difference - with it’s smart technology, the S2 can determine what type of battery has been placed in its docks and charge it according to that particular battery’s needs. Additionally, the S2 is unique because it can simultaneously charge two batteries of different sizes and charging needs. Like the O4, the S2 Vape Battery Charger features the same sturdy construction, 2A slot for lightning fast charging, and adaptability as a power bank.

VRK F2 Battery Charger: Like the Golisi O4 Battery Charger, VRK’s F2 Charger is simple, sleek, and easy to use. With light indicated charger markings and an external adaptor for minimal heating while charging, the F2 Battery Charger can easily be used at home or on-the-go for hassle-free use. The F2 Charger’s two-bay charger is compatible with a variety of battery types, including 10440, 14500, 14650, 17650, 17670, 18350, 18490,18500, 18650, Li-ion, and is one of the fastest chargers available today. Verified buyers like Ben K. have had great experiences with the F2 Battery Charger, calling it a “great charger, works great, fast, just as described!”

VRK X2 Pro 2 Bay Charger: Chock full of special additional features, the X2 Pro 2 Bay Charger has a lot to offer both new and experienced vaping enthusiasts. A smart chip automatically recognizes the type and specifications of the inserted battery, and calibrates itself for the best charge. High quality materials and a simple LED light array make the charging process simple, and the smart tech takes out all of the guesswork and does the heavy lifting for you. When your vape batteries are fully charged, use the X2 Pro and charge up your Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries for your other devices like cameras, laptops, gaming systems and more.

VRK X4 Pro 4 Bay Charger: VRK’s X4 Pro 4 Bay Charger is an upgraded and expanded version of their X2 Pro 2 Bay Charger. By doubling the charging bays but retaining all of the fantastic features of the X2, VRK has created a charging option that is capable of custom fitting the needs of any vaping enthusiast. Just ask verified buyer Big W., who calls the X4 Pro “one of the best on the market today. It simply works well, and very fast! The hype is real!” Like the X2 Pro, the X4 Pro also automatically adjusts its discharge current to charge different size batteries, and automatically stops when the battery is fully charged, to ensure a safe charging process from beginning to end. This Fourth of July, upgrade your charging setup and enjoy worry free charging all summer long.

When checking off your To-Do list this Fourth of July weekend, be sure to add stopping by eJuice Direct and saving 10% on vape battery chargers before the savings are gone. You don’t even need a discount code for this one- simply select your favorite charger from the Fourth of July Sale selection, and your discount is automatically added at checkout. Be sure to brag about your savings on our Facebook, and show off your new charger on our Instagram @eJuiceDirect.

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