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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Fresh Pressed Salts

Fresh Pressed Salts

California Grown E-Liquids hail from Newport Beach, California. While they are only a short trek to the beach they believe that you too can enjoy that salty ocean spray as well. Imagine swaying palm trees and hear the music and glasses clinking at the tiki bars on the beach front. You can have all that with Fresh Pressed Nic Salts. These are your flavorful answers to your nic salt hunting sprees. You will find lots of fruit and enough sweetness to satisfy those taste bud desires. Then there is the extra hit of nic to give you a potent love affair with the Fresh Pressed Nic Salts line. But remember, when summer ends this is one love affair that you don’t have to walk away from. This lover can go home with you and there will be no retribution from anyone. No one will tell you you made the wrong decision because everyone will be jealous of this lover.

Fruit Finale is your answer to that age-old desire to go to far away places again. This time you don’t have to buy a ticket or even an armchair travel book. All you need is your vape tank and this little bottle of eJuice. Fruit Finale by Fresh Pressed Salt gives you everything you were looking for in a fruit vape. It takes you to a rainforest in the Amazon and gives you that just after it rains feeling. First, inhale the apples and savor the crisp sweetness. When you exhale you find wet juicy pears lush with the bloom of life and a sweet blend of berries that are out of this world. Now we know why the animals of the Amazon forest are so happy. We’re singing now too!

Honeycomb Berry brings you to the island paradise of Hawaii. Everyone who goes always wants an island drink and now you can have one of these special ones in your tank today. It starts with a base of sweet and sour limeade and then Hawaiian berries are added to give it a little zip. Finish this off with a touch of honey dripping right out of its comb and you have a unique drink vape you’ll love coming back to over and over again. Inhale to the bold and comfortingly familiar limeade and then exhale the sweet combination of berries and honey to treat yourself.

Lava Luau brings you relief from the summer heat with a mouthwatering combination of fresh fruit of Hawaii that have been frozen to give you the biggest jolt! It’s like a frozen lightning strike in the mouth. Watermelon, kiwi and a conglomeration of mixed berries simply freeze and ignite your senses awake. You decide what happens. Does the kiwi attack you as it melts and gives you a push of tart or is it the mixed berries that bring your mouth to attention? And where exactly is that watermelon found? We think all of these flavors will rock your world all together.

Pressed Pink Melon takes you on a fruity spin. There’s something fresh and exciting about this eJuice liquid. After all, it’s a taste that is light and reminds you that summer is calling. The inhale begins with a slight tang from ripened peaches and then sweet watermelon heightens the sugar flavor. Don’t stop there. You still have to exhale and find the juicy honeydew hiding out. Delish.

Sugar Tantrum is our suggestion for you if you love sugar and recipes that take your breath away. This is a sweet concoction of three ingredients that together make a dessert come to life. Custard whipped to a rich cream is the foundation of your Sugar Tantrum. Next, is a hint of vanilla bean to give it a little spice. Then to top it all off, crushed pecans are sprinkled over the custard. Sugar yum yum is the best description we can give to this rich luscious blend. It’s time to get your dessert dream on.

If Fresh Pressed Salts doesn’t seem to carry your all day vape, check out our eJuice Catalog to see our huge collection of vape juice! Don’t forget to look at our Vape Shop Deals to save big on your order! Remember we carry a large assortment of vaping devices and if you’re looking for even more deals, subscribe to our email newsletter for new offers and exclusive products! If you don’t see what you’re looking for or have a question please contact us and keep vaping!

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