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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Get Your Fix With PHIX!

Get Your Fix With PHIX!

MLV’s PHIX is one of the leading competitors to PAX’s JUUL closed system device. The small form factor is extremely ergonomic with its rounded, diamond shaped design that feels great in the hand. The device itself offers an auto-inhale functionality and utilizes a 280mAh battery capacity that lasts approximately 220 puffs. The PHIX comes with its own proprietary USB charger that rapidly charges the device for use in 30 minutes or less. MLV offers five different pod flavors to choose from. The pods are around the same price point as the JUUL pods, but they offer an entire .8ml more of 5% nicotine eJuice. Each PHIX Pod uses a cCELL ceramic coil that keeps the taste of your Pods true and pure.

The PHIX Butterscotch Pods have a taste reminiscent of butterscotch hard candy. These pre-filled pods offer 1.5ml of smooth butterscotch taste with each and every hit. The inhale peppers your taste buds with the high-nicotine butterscotch taste. The flavor sweetens upon the exhale in a refreshing creamy breeze of butterscotch.

One of our go-to PHIX Pods of choice. The PHIX Hard Strawberry Candy Pods taste exactly how it sounds. These pods are sweet with succulent strawberry taste on the inhale. The strawberry notes become more vivid with a sweeter tone in taste upon during the hard candy finish.

The PHIX Ice Pods offer a refreshing breeze of menthol with every single hit. The initial draw cools your taste buds with the high nicotine notes of menthol flavor. The menthol becomes colder during the exhale for a fine, refreshing breeze of taste.

The PHIX Spearmint Pods taste like chewing on a handful of spearmint gum. Seriously, this flavor is absolutely refreshing no matter how many times you vape on it! The inhale starts with a spearmint note that keeps a low-profile upon its delivery. The spearmint then explodes with a gust of chilling flavor during the finish.

The PHIX Tobacco Pods are perfect for anybody looking to switch off of traditional analogs. The bold, fine taste of this flavor works great with the pod’s high nicotine concentration. The inhale starts with a mellow delivery of the tobacco notes. The exhale doesn’t stray too far from the inhale’s taste, aside from the bolder finish.

We highly recommend grabbing a PHIX for anyone you know who is currently using traditional analogs to get their fix, including yourself if you haven’t yet made the switch. The included Tobacco Pod that comes with the PHIX Starter Kit probably won’t last you, so grab a four-pack of each flavor. Perhaps you’d want to try PHIX’s Mixed Variety Pack to sample the whole collection instead? Either way, MLV produces a wonderful alternative to analogs with their PHIX closed system device!

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