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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Here Comes the Taffy Man

Here Comes the Taffy Man

When Stick-E-Liquid first hit shelves last year it was the start of something great. Taffy Man released with just one flavor packaged in a box, a move that would catch on with the rest of the industry. They have released a total of 5 flavors – that has kept the brand strong, making it a main staple eJuice in most shops.

Taffy man has a very distinct packaging – well designed, appealing to the eye, and you can tell they spent a great deal of time on it. The Taffy Man icon is fun but still refined. Clear labeling for nicotine content and size of bottle. Ingredients are listed on the back of the box as well. I really like the look of the clear labels on the bottles. This is not some rip off like others have done, but an original take on a great sugary treat.

GR8APE – Grape Taffy

The flavor that started it all. GR8APE is a spot on grape taffy. Before you even crack open the bottle the smell of grape is very clear. It is crazy how spot on they got but with out making it too overpowering. The Exhale definitely has that pronounced taffy flavor – it is hard to explain but once you take a few puffs you will know what I am taking about. This is still one of the best in the line and if you’re a grape lover you won’t be disappointed.

H20BRY – Watermelon Strawberry Taffy

This was the second flavor released. A watermelon strawberry that is more ‘berry than anything. I don’t really get a watermelon flavor and it is a strange strawberry flavor. I would go more along the lines of mixed berry. Not to say its bad (it was delicious), just not what I was expecting. I was hoping for more of watermelon Laffy Taffy. You remember the ones with the fake candy seeds in it. I am guessing they blended both the watermelon and strawberry flavors to get the flavor here.

TR4BLU – Blue Raspberry Taffy

At this point it’s easy to see why this line is so popular. Each flavor shares the same “taffy finish” with its respective inhale. TR4BLU is no different. A simple blue raspberry inhale that is clean and pronounced back with the same exhale we have come accustomed to. The flavor is nowhere near is sugary as Slush or other flavors with the blue raspberry profile, a welcome relief.

B1GAPL – Apple Taffy

Finally an apple taffy was brought into the mix. This tart and crisp apple is well balanced against the taffy finish. It was a big hit as soon as we brought it in, and it still holds up against countless other apple flavors. A simple, to the point apple taffy – perfection.

K3NANA – Kiwi Bananna

The newest flavor to the line up. This goes along with July being the month of bananas. I was excited to try this flavor – a great take on Banana taffy. They went ahead and added kiwi to the mix, and after giving this a week of thorough testing I have come to appreciate the choice. The banana is a sweet and needed the kiwi to add some tartness. I can also conclude that they did not want to deter people who hate banana flavors. This is not a candy runt style but a solid natural flavor that is very enjoyable.

Overall this line is a winner in my book. Pick a flavor that sounds best to you and go for it. They are all fantastic, and you will not be disappointed. You can also grab the whole line in a 5-Pack over at our taffy man page, which may be the best idea if you’re a taffy fan at heart.

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