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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
It's time for a Vape Showdown! It's Round 2 - Who will be the CHAMP???

It's time for a Vape Showdown! It's Round 2 - Who will be the CHAMP???

Did you know that we here at eJuice Direct have our own brand of tasty vape eJuices too? We call our line Direct Juice and today we are going for our second round in the Vape Showdown! That’s right! We’re going for a knock em’- rock em’, roarin’ battle for the best eJuice on the planet. But only you can be the judge. You, the vaper, decide who will be the victor.

It’s a battle between Direct Juice and the best juices in the business. We think we’ve learned quite a bit since we started our company in 2014. The question is how much did we learn? Only a fair showdown will answer the question. So we are on a mission to prove we understand what our customers are looking for.

So what exactly does a vaper look for when they go vape shopping? They want the best quality, largest selection and best tastes imaginable. How about pricing? Do you think that is important? We sure do. We make it our business to make all of these concerns, that you the vaper have, our concerns. You are #1 with us and so we do everything we can to make you feel like a king or queen.

Let me take your concerns one by one and you decide if we’ve done our homework. We think we have but like I said, you are the ref standing in the middle of the ring who decides who goes down for the count and who’s gloved hand is raised in triumph. We know you will be a fair and honest judge.

Ok. So, your first thought is you want the best quality. With Direct Juice we use only premium ingredients to make your vape eJuice the best it can possibly be. You want a large selection. We understand that too and that is why we offer over a dozen different eJuices in a wide variety of flavors that we feel covers the entire taste field and that translates to your other concern, how does it taste? The answer to that is simple. It tastes wonderful!!! We also understand that pricing is a huge concern. So we’ve made it our goal in life to give you the biggest bestest bottle of the most satisfying juice with the smallest price tag we possibly can. We want you to feel like you’ve walked away with the entire eJuice experience and that you too are a winner!

So why don’t you get Direct with your eJuice and put Direct Juice to the test! We hope this vape matchup will give you a chance to explore other vape juices that perhaps you hadn’t before and that you will find some new favorites in the process. We hope that Direct Juice will be one of them.

So, once again, who will be the Vaping Champ? You tell us. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Go join the SHOWDOWN now!

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