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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Mad Hatter is Back for Seconds

Mad Hatter is Back for Seconds

Mad Hatter’s “I LOVE” line is back to remind you that they’re still in the game; returning back and better than ever, California based Mad Hatter eJuice presents “I Love Taffy Too” – a new volume of their “I LOVE Too” lineup. All the flavors now have a 70/30 VG/PG ratio for the revised recipes. Upgrading from their previous glass bottles, Mad Hatter includes new easy to transport, easy to drip 60ml Chubby Gorrilla style bottles. Keep your cotton soaked, and your hands completely dry; never again will you require an excuse or an explanation as to what those lingering stains on your Khaki’s are, Mad Hatter eJuice is looking out for you.

Serving as the sequel to “I LOVE TAFFY”, “I LOVE TAFFY TOO” is an aromatic Peach Taffy blend that delivers a slight creamy taffy draw, with a fruity punch of peach; the mixture of the two provides a balance vape that gives an impression of a ripe peach’s acidity that’s blanketed with a sheet of your favorite taffy straight out of grandma’s purse. You thought the last line was tasty? Taste the fruits of Mad Hatter’s labor; the comeback accentuates their honed efforts with the improved flavor packing a pungent punch. Mad Hatter eJuice may have left us on a cliffhanger, but this revised TOO lineup leaves you feeling refreshed, with little more to be desired. You can see “I LOVE TAFFY TOO” packaged in a homely, welcoming box stylized in the form of a carton.

It’s just like it says on the tin: “I LOVE DONUTS TOO” promises a 60ml serving size of “34% Fresh Dough Donuts”, “100% Sweet Blueberries”, and “100% Sprinkles of Sexiness”; just check the (mock) nutrion facts on the back of the bottle! Mad Hatter’s “I LOVE DONUTS TOO” contains a glazed, sprinkled inhale with a fresh-baked blueberry exhale that leaves your mouth watering for more.

Let’s cut to the chase – you may be a human being with a simple palette and refined tastes; or, you may be a newcomer to the lifestyle with refined tastes and a simple palette. Regardless of where you fall on the line, “I LOVE COOKIES TOO” by Mad Hatter eJuice hits you with a nostalgic afterschool flavor. Sometimes, you want to be without the intricacies; “I LOVE COOKIES TOO” is a stripped down, mellow taste providing you Mad Hatter’s take of a classic. Imbued with the bite of a sugar cookie on the initial draw, the exhale imparts a strawberry and caramel crescendo on the end note.

If you’re still in pursuit picking the right flavor, we’ll help you out; try our 3 Pack Deal on E-Juice Direct. Snack on some cookies and donuts to go with your taffy; one (1) bottle of “I Love Cookies Too”, one (1) of “I Love Donuts Too”, and of course one (1) bottle of “I Love Taffy Too” – 60ml each for a total count of 180ml. We’re positive you’ll be anything but ‘mad’.

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