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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Marshmallow Man – An Impressively Creamy Vape

Marshmallow Man – An Impressively Creamy Vape

For a long time in the vape industry, if you wanted a sweet, creamy vape without some sort of fruit flavor added to mask the mediocrity of the cream, you had to look the way of super premium, super expensive juices that were not only bank breaking but hard to get a hold of in the first place. The big boys of juice manufacturing just hadn’t seemed to nail a flavor where cream could stand on its own and leave you satisfied.

Then along came Marshmallow Man from D’ohnuts eJuice.

This juice made big waves when it hit the market. There was no fruit, no cereal, none of the major flavors that were so popular to combine with creams at the time. Just creamy marshmallows with a subtle addition of spice to add some complexity. And man was it good. As soon as people started getting their hands on it, it became an instant classic, combining the sweetness of marshmallows with traces of vanilla into something that was undoubtedly worthy of being an all day vape.

Naturally, eJuice Direct had to pick it up when we heard how good it was. We opened a bottle, and almost instantly it was emptied as we filled the office with huge clouds of marshmallow. And so did our stock of the stuff, as it quickly became one of the best-selling juices we had in our catalog. It seemed like every other package that was going out of our warehouse had some Marshmallow Man eJuice in it (don’t worry, we have plenty in stock, so go ahead and pick some up!).

The flavor is amazing, to say the least. On the inhale, the sweetness of marshmallow blends perfectly with savory creams, immediately reminiscent of roasting marshmallows around a campfire. On the exhale, the marshmallow gives way just enough to make room for a wonderful finish of vanilla. It’s perfect, and we can’t think of a single thing we would change.

And for you cloud chasers out there, it should be said that this is juice produces some of the densest clouds we have ever seen. Cream flavors are well known for producing dense, opaque vapors, and this juice takes that to an almost ridiculous level. Almost as thick as vaping pure VG.

Do yourself a favor and pick Marshmallow Man up from us today. We guarantee it will earn its keep in your flavor selection as soon as you take your first pull of it. We offer it in all three of its manufactured nicotine levels, 0, 3, and 6mg. It comes in a great looking box to top off the presentation, a complete package of one of the best creamy flavors we have ever vaped. Its right here.

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