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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Milk King

Milk King

Welcome to the outer limits of the universe. This place you’ve arrived at is a time travel to an alternate universe. We’ve gone into space and landed back in time to the days of yore and now you will soon be getting a vape-itation from the Milk King, that is when you know you’ve truly arrived. Being part of the royal courtyard is every person’s dream. Now you can make this a reality. You can be one of the knights in silver armor fighting a dragon or one of the queen’s ladies in waiting. All you have to do to get invited to this most magical vape world is to grab yourself some Milk King premium eliquid and vape a puff of smoke into the air. Dragons will flee and the serfs will think you have magical powers. You do you know.

Milk King makes everyone a member of the royal family. He’s kind and gentle and just wants to see his kingdom thrive. So he’s offering you, his subjects some vape juice that is not to be found anywhere outside his kingdom. We think you will be living here for a long long time. In fact, we can’t see why you wouldn’t make your visit a permanent stay.

Cereal might be a simple cereal with milk vape in the traditional form but when it comes from the Milk King, that brings its own sort of charm. Foamy white and cold milk joins with the cereal for a breakfast vape that is right out of a fairytale. Besides, the milk comes from a magic cow.

Chocolate is the favorite flavored milk of a gazillion people and the King of this court is no exception. He loves chocolate flavored milk so much that he commissioned the dairymaid to feed a prized milk cow a diet of only milk so that she would produce the finest chocolate milk. With a little luck and a little twinkling magic the maid was successful and now there is a most special Chocolate vape juice that is only to be found in this kingdom.

Honey was the creation of the Milk King’s private physician. When the King suddenly was taken down by a sore throat, the good doctor sat down with the most powerful sorcerer in the realm and discussed the situation. They decided that a honey bee should be given some magic milk and that the two combined would create a magical elixir to free the Milk King from his ailment. It worked wonders and the King was so happy he decided to share his elixir with everyone.

Strawberry brings you the luxury of creamy soft strawberries and milk. This smooth eJuice has all the qualities you’ve ever dreamed about in a strawberries and cream vape. It’s definitely fit for a king or queen. In fact, the rumor around the palace is that this vape was a gift from the King to his Queen on her last birthday. He wanted something extra special that was just as sweet and lovely as his bride and since strawberries are associated with love, he couldn’t see anything more fitting.

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