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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Milkshake & Milkshake Salts by Black Mvrket

Milkshake & Milkshake Salts by Black Mvrket

Black Mvrket began its journey in July of 2013 under the name of VapEv as an e-cigarette distribution company. They changed their name to Black Mvrket and their path in February 2016 when they became a global marketing company distributing their own lines of eJuice. But no matter what name they have used, they have always had a passion for good quality products and the best customer service imaginable.

Today we’re going to explore Milkshake Liquids and Milkshake Liquids Salt. After all, who doesn’t love a good frosty milkshake? I, for one, will never turn one down. So let’s go and see what they have, shall we?

First, let’s head over to the traditional eJuice vape flavors with Milkshake Liquids. There are six varieties to choose from and all are just as good as the other. So if you are a milkshake fiend – this could be a very exciting line for you.

Bananza Shake is a world of ripe, fresh bananas. Take that first inhale for instance. Pure smooth banana eJuice flavor. It’s great! Exhale and creamy cool vanilla mixes with the banana to give you a full-bodied taste of sweet sugary goodness. And just check out that aromatic cloud. The flavor hits you perfectly where you want it, on your tongue and in your nose as you smell that rapidly growing cloud.

Now let’s head over to the tropics for a vapecation with Banggo Shake. This is a juicy concoction of exotic mango, crispy coconut and of course, rich vanilla ice cream. The first thing you will taste on the inhale is succulent mango with just a hint of delicate coconut flakes that give it its perfect taste. On the exhale you turn this sunset beautiful dream world into a milkshake of perfection as vanilla ice cream joins the party. But no one said you had to leave just yet. Take puff after voluptuous cloud puff and spend the whole day in the vacation spot of your dreams.

Bomberry Shake is literally the Bomb!!! Ok, so that’s a little melodramatic but it really is a taste bud explosion of flavor. It’s sour. It’s sweet. It’s fantastically appealing. Just take that inhale, it comes with blueberries, blue raspberries and strawberries to give you a sweet/sour duo that will rock you awake. When you exhale all that combines with the cream of vanilla ice cream to have your mouth in its happy place.

Some people just can’t get enough of strawberries. If that sounds like you, then Breezy Shake is your eJuice vape shake. This smooth rich vanilla ice cream shake is just filled with luscious sweet and tangy strawberry flavor. It’s a little tart on the inhale but it changes to nectar in the exhale. Be a little breezy and get yourself a Breezy Shake today.

Panda Shake Okay, yes, you can ask. What is a Panda Shake? Well, it’s a chocolate cookie cream sandwich with vanilla ice cream. This vape eJuice tastes just like a chocolate ice cream sandwich. Inhale into the deserving taste of a dissolving ultra thin chocolate wafer cookie and exhale to the taste of rich sweet vanilla ice cream. BEST chocolate ice cream vape ever!

Do you have a favorite flavor of ice cream? I’m sure you do. If you are like me you probably have several. For myself, I LOVE mint ice cream and since that is what the Shammy Shake is I know all you vapers who also love mint will flip for this one. Shammy Shake is a bit of the wee Irish without the blarney because the taste truly is the end of the rainbow enjoyable. It’s subtle, not overly strong and there lies the charm. On the inhale creamy rich and smooth vanilla is your first taste and then comes a little hint of cold invigorating mint. The exhale gives you more of the same and it leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything.

Milkshake Salt comes in two varieties. To give you that extra salt nic hit with the same taste you’ve come to love in their regular Milkshake line. With Milkshake Salt, they offer you Bomberry Shake and Breezy Shake. Each flavor has the same rich taste as its non-nic salt version with just that little extra found in a Nic Salt.

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