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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
New Bru Juice 60mls!

New Bru Juice 60mls!

In need of some new juices to spice up your lineup? Bru Juice really has something to satisfy almost every Vaper! From sweet and savory fruit flavors to smooth and creamy custards! Bru Juice carries 6 flavors that are 60ml!

Katy Peary by Bru Juice is a juicy pear and honeydew blend! If you’ve ever gone pear picking, then you already know what half of this flavor tastes like! The honeydew is similar to a honeydew smoothie and pairing that with the pear is a dream! The inhale is a sweet bold pear, while the exhale has the smooth and succulent honeydew melon blending with it!

Bru Juice takes on the classic taste of custard with the flavor General Custard! Sometimes simple is better and General Custard is a straight vanilla custard, sweet and creamy! It tastes just like the smell of taking freshly made pastries out of the oven! The inhale is a strong vanilla cream with somewhat subtle tones. The exhale introduces the heavier custard element and ties it all together!

Fruit Cup by Bru Juice is a superb blend of apples, nectarine, strawberries and pear! Exactly like how it sounds, Fruit Cup by Bru Juice is a fruit cup, or damn near it! When you vape this juice, you’ll be thinking back to your elementary school lunch periods! The inhale is a strong strawberry and sliced apple, while the exhale is a sugary sweet fruit juice with strong points of nectarines and pears!

The biggest elephant in the room is the next flavor Brunana. When it comes to banana flavors, it usually is you like it or you hate it. Bru Juice had something to say about that. They took the classic banana flavor and added a twist! Brunana is a sweet banana candy flavor! The inhale is a strong sweet banana, followed by the exhale of sugary candy goodness!

Bru Berry Cream by Bru Juice is a sweet yogurt with blackberries, raspberries and blueberries on top! Bru Juice knows how boring yogurt can be, so they did what we all do, put a ton of fruits on top! The inhale is the blend of the tart blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. The exhale brings the yogurt head on to tie it all together. Its basically like eating a spoonful, the berries are on top so you taste that first, then the yogurt on the bottom to smoothen it out!

All aboard! Bru Juice has created the classic sweet berry crunch cereal vape, Berry Custard Crunch! Berry Custard Crunch is a cereal vape that has cereal treats and fresh berries covered in cold milk! The inhale is a strong cereal crunch followed by the exhale of fresh berries and milk!

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